York LYCC candle store creates ‘scratch and sniff’ window

ALEX Hall started making scented candles as a hobby because she wanted a line of luxury candles that wouldn’t irritate her and her son’s asthma. This hobby has now grown into a successful business, the Little Yorkshire Candle Company (LYCC).

Alex opened his Goodramgate store just as the pandemic struck – but continued to build his thriving business, with a workshop in Clifton Moor and an online offering as well.

Inside her Goodramgate store, visitors can have a sensory experience, smell the handmade candles – and even have fun with a ‘scratch and sniff’ window showcasing her new scent, Midwinter.

We’re sure you will agree that Alex deserves to be our Trader of the Week. Here is his story …

How long has the company been in existence?

The company was established in 2016, initially selling only online. The Goodramgate store opened in December 2019, followed by a new workshop on Clifton Moor in early 2020.

Alex’s hand makes all his candles

What does it sell?

Little Yorkshire Candle Company (LYCC) sells a range of its own home fragrances, in the form of candles, diffusers, room sprays and essential oils. The main range is designed to evoke certain moods and atmospheres, and the Kitchen Garden range is inspired by herbs used in cooking. The Memories collection is in development, and will be released in early 2022! In addition, it offers a selection of household items from other brands, with a focus on other Yorkshire businesses.

Tell us why this company is special?

Lots of people make candles, but everyone at LYCC prides itself on being the best of the best! Alex’s hobby turned into a business when she wanted a line of luxury candles that wouldn’t irritate her and her son’s asthma, so it’s really a business born out of there. ‘love. To this day, all perfume products are handcrafted in York and are distinguished by their all-natural composition and the level of care given to each fragrance. It’s easy to make candles using pre-made bulk scent, but Alex formulated his own from scratch, inspired by Yorkshire and the natural world. Every product has been subjected to extensive testing to ensure it gets a perfect burn, keeping people coming back to the store again and again.

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How did he adapt during the Covid-19 crisis?

Having only opened the physical store in December 2019, the pandemic had a huge impact on the business. The closures meant that the focus had to be shifted from the store to the development of the online store. A new line of gift boxes has been developed, to allow people to send to those loved ones that they couldn’t see in person. This emphasis on online business ultimately led to the hiring of a new unit to house the online portion of the business and the hiring of a new staff member to help run it. The company also took advantage of this time to develop new products (such as Atmosphere Mists and Bone China containers) as well as a new range of fragrances to be released in 2022.

York Press: in Alex's store in GoodramgateIn Alex’s shop in Goodramgate

Has he won any awards. If so, what and when?

LYCC finished second in the York Restart Fund (created by First York and supported by the Federation of Small Businesses). In December 2020, Alex was chosen by Holly & Co to represent York in their Independent Campaign Shop, and she flew the flag around York over Christmas time.

What’s your favorite story about this trader?

For Christmas this year, Alex placed a scratch and sniff sign on his boutique window for passers-by to have their first experience of the Midwinter seasonal scent. Alex also strives to turn Goodramgate into a winter wonderland with snowfall every weekend outside the LYCC store. She hopes this will draw people to the streets so they can check out all the amazing small businesses that reside on Goodramgate.

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