What they mean and how to turn them off

Apple Watch wearers may occasionally notice green lights on the back of their smartwatch. Here’s what they mean and how to turn them off whenever you want.

Apple Watch wearers may occasionally notice green lights on the back of the laptop and, while this is quite normal, it can be interesting to know why they are there, what they are doing, and how to turn them off. Apple Watch continues to be a popular option for consumers, but getting used to all the features can take some time. Using a green light is one example, as it relates directly to the heart rate sensor.

The Apple Watch can do a lot of things, and while the interface is pretty straightforward for most, there can be times when things seem less clear. For example, and in addition to a green light, Apple Watch wearers can also see a red light on the watch face. Without context, many might assume that the red light is warning of a problem, but it is simply a way for the smartwatch to notify the wearer that there is a new notification.

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On the other hand, the green light on an Apple Watch can seem a bit more worrying, especially since it is on the back of the device and may go unnoticed most of the time by the wearer. In fact, the green lights can sometimes come on even when the watch is not worn, adding to their mysterious character. However, the lights are just used to measure the wearer heartbeat. Essentially, an Apple Watch uses these green LED lights to sense the amount of blood flow and this is then used to help determine the actual heart rate. When the watch takes more frequent heart rate readings, the green LEDs will be even more active.

How to turn off the green lights on Apple Watch

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There is no real reason to turn off the green lights as they are used to measure heart rate. However, there may be times when the watch inadvertently takes action. For example, if the watch is not being worn at this time but the green lights are on and stay on, it may be the result of a fitness session still in progress, such as a workout. . During these times, the watch will seek to monitor heart rate more frequently and turn on lights more often. Simply stopping the workout will also prevent the green lights from activating.

Since they are used to measure heart rate, in cases where users want to turn off the green lights entirely, the only option is to turn off the heart rate sensor completely. To do this, simply open the Apple Watch Settings app and then go to Privacy, followed by Health. Here the user will find the option to press Heartbeat and the ability to turn off the feature. Again, this will completely prevent the Apple Watch from taking any action, forcing the user to turn on the feature (and the green lights) if they want to measure their heart rate.

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