We test the Nano Sparkle Cloth to see if it will make your cars shine again

Will Nano Sparkle cloth remove scratches while restoring shine to your car’s finish? We try it before you buy it!

Has your car lost its shine?

the Nano Sparkle fabric promises to remove light scratches and restore your paint finish.

Let’s try it before you buy it!

For this we found the car perfectly scratched. This thing has every scratch you can imagine

the Nano Sparkle fabric comes with protective gloves and a tightly closed envelope that contains a chemical coated cloth.

Once everything was settled, we proceeded to attack the scratches. We first tested it on a deep scratch, and it didn’t work. He just left residue. Then we focused on a medium sized scratch, and that made it a bit better, but nothing drastic. We turned our attention to a few tiny hair-sized scratches, and it seemed to work. If it’s large or deeper than the clear coat, it won’t work. It seemed to leave a nice amount of residue that needs a lot of elbow grease to get rid of.

As an added bonus, we put this against Turtle Wax scratch repair and super cheap friction compound.

The friction compound that we just tested because it was cheap, and you never know when it comes to scratches, it didn’t do anything with the scratches. so, we switched to the scratch fixer

First by attacking this big scratch, she dulled it slightly, but the scratch was still visible.

Then we worked on a medium stripe, and it made a noticeable difference, and its results were better than the Nano fabric. And when tested on more minor scratches, it lets this product and our finish shine. The best part about the Turtle Wax over the Nano Sparkle is that it leaves no residue and is easy to remove.

Ultimately, the scratch repairer was the real gem of it all. He removed the shine from the Nano Sparkle Cloth

The positive points of the Nano Sparkle Cloth are

  • It was easy and quick to apply
  • And it worked for very small scratches.
  • now the negatives
  • It left a residue that took a lot of work to remove
  • and hardly made a notch in the scratches. As stated in the positive, only small hairs seemed to benefit

We rate this as a avoid it vs. scratch remover

Now the turtle wax scratch remover:

  • It was easy to apply
  • And easy to clean
  • It made a noticeable improvement to the scratches
  • The only minus point is that it didn’t do much for the large, deep scratches.

So if you have a bunch of light scratches, we recommend the Turtle Wax Scratch Remover like BUY IT.

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