Wax Effort: Greenville Woman Finds Success With Handmade Candle Store | News

Tina Reynolds of Greenville opened a candle store almost a year ago and has enjoyed success both in person and online.

Reynolds, owner of VII Candle Company, and her husband, Brian Reynolds, were inspired to start the business when they saw a woman selling candles at a craft fair.

When they searched for a candle they liked, Reynolds said they found more than the scent they were looking for.

“It was an open book on the world of candle making,” Reynolds said.

She said they bought a candle making kit and started using a stove.

They started selling candles to family and friends, and eventually opened an Etsy store. Word started to spread about the candles.

“It grew a lot faster than expected,” she said.

The candles are made with all-natural soy and cotton wicks.

Reynolds said they like to make custom blends of different scents.

“We had to do a lot of homework before the candles were safe and salable,” she said.

Madison Woodall, a friend of the Reynolds’ daughter and a sophomore at Muhlenberg County High School, has expressed interest in helping with the candle store.

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“She was the cutest 16-year-old girl we’ve ever met,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said Woodall was a big help when she came out after giving birth to her fourth child.

“She’s been a blessing,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said she and her husband are fans of country legend Johnny Cash. So they decided to make a candle inspired by Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, called “Johnny and June”.

The candle is a blend of cotton and wild flowers and is one of their most popular blends. Reynolds calls it their “masterpiece”.

Reynolds said that as her store’s first anniversary approaches, she plans to continue expanding her Greenville store.

She said her first collection of candles, called Farmhouse, will always be a staple in her product line.

“No matter where the economy takes us, we’re always going to be offering that very first candle at the same price for as long as possible,” said Reynolds. “It’s a reminder of where we started.”

The VII Candle Company is located at 109 North Main St. in Greenville.

Their website can be found at

Elizabeth J. Harris