TikTok video goes viral: candle store sells out in an hour

A NEWLY OPEN candle business sold out of stock within an hour of posting a video on TikTok.

Starre Candles – an online candle business with a mythological theme – was started by Jack Strange of Pontypool earlier this year, with candles named after Greek gods.

The official launch was slated for February, but inspiration hit and Mr. Strange – who also founded the Mari Lwyd clothing line – made a promotional video on the social media video-sharing platform TikTok, but did not anticipate the rest.

“I was planning on launching in February, but I wasn’t sure why I was waiting,” Mr. Strange said.

“The tapping sound I used [originally posted by @soundsforslomo_bro] worked great, so I thought I could use it to give Starre Candles a little boost. ”

The TikTok video – which you can watch here – features Mr. Strange growing increasingly frustrated as people support the company on social media, but don’t buy products.

The sound clip is used to depict him banging furiously throughout the video, trying to promote Starre Candles in various ways, and ends with one last push before his potential customers give up their carts.

The Starre candles sold out of stock less than an hour after Mr. Strange shared the video which has been viewed by more than 38,000 people.

“It’s crazy how powerful apps like TikTok can be,” added Strange.

“People have texted me and said it was great to have sold, but they can’t wait to buy it and I have gained hundreds of followers – I just hope they will stick around. ”

Starre Candles is based on www.etsy.com/uk/shop/StarreCandlesCo

Mr. Strange is currently focused on order fulfillment, and then he plans to introduce new scents, including apple.

Currently, Starre Candles offers their ‘Apollo’ candle which is pink and smells of rose.

The company also offers honey, flowers, and sandalwood with all products incorporating the theme of mythology.

Elizabeth J. Harris