The Recorder – The new Whately candle store is “for the valley, near the valley”

Posted: 10/13/2020 14:36:29 PM

WHATELY – A new candle store, touting locally sourced products, has joined the ranks of others in the Franklin County candle industry.

“We want it to be for the valley, near the valley,” said Kimberly Green, owner of Wax Barn.

The new candle store, with its approximately 2,000 square foot showroom, opened on October 3 in the building adjacent to The Fire Place on State Road.

“We are positioning this store as the source of ultimate value candles in Western Massachusetts,” she said.

Green said she and her husband, who has worked in the candle business for about 30 years, walked past the building while it was for sale this spring, when she got the idea of ​​opening her own. candle store.

“I thought maybe we should try doing a little retail store,” she recalls. “We talked about it and we were like, ‘Let’s do it’. ”

The building, which was previously occupied by The Fire Place before moving to the neighboring building, required minimal interior work, Green said. They repaired and painted walls and added new carpet.

“We cleaned it from years when pellet stoves and gas stoves were burning,” she explained.

Green said Wax Barn – which employs two full-time workers as well as part-time staff to be determined by business conditions – aims to set itself apart from other candle stores in the valley with its affordability.

“I think the cost is really significant,” she said. “What I’ve heard is that while (buyers) love candles, they think they are expensive in the area. The people of this region love candles, but it is a community that does not have a lot of disposable income, so it is important that they can enjoy this luxury as well. ”

The price of candles ranges from $ 3 to $ 20, Green said.

“The candles themselves are premium quality, perfectly scented and priced to suit our local customers. “

Green said his candles come in a variety of lines, including a presidential line, a gay pride line, a first responder line and a pet line.

“And then we have candles that are for each of the cities in the 413 area code,” she added.

The Wax Barn is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We want to prove that you can be successful in this area,” she said, “if you can tap into the local market. ”

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