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The mayor of Eubank said he was unsure what the solution might be to resolve the danger surrounding the intersection of US 27 and Ky. 70, but he said he would like to see a traffic light be installed there to see if that would help.

“It’s a doggone mess, to tell you the truth. I would love to see a light go in there and see if that would work, ”Mayor Eddie Hicks said on Friday afternoon.

However, since US 27 is a national highway, the decision on what to do rests with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Hicks said he has been asking for a traffic light for years.

“It’s totally up to the State Department, and they’re very adamant that they’re not going to shine a light on this,” he said.

When asked if state officials had said why, Hicks said, “They say the studies they’ve done on this type of intersection in other areas say a fire would be more. dangerous. I can’t see this. … They say it’s very expensive, but this deal with this R intersection (the proposed RCUT turn), seems to me to be a lot more expensive than turning on a light and seeing if it works. If it doesn’t work, they just have to remove it.

The RCUT, or Restricted Crossing U-Turn, was announced in March by the KYTC District 8 office. The plan is to block the opening of the highway between the east and west of Ky. 70. Direct left turns in both directions of US 27 would also be prevented.

Instead, drivers should turn around on 27 when traffic is clear, several hundred feet beyond the Ky. 70 intersection.

Hicks said he’s not sure the change will help.

“I don’t want to continue to harass [the state department] and drive them mad because then we won’t get anything, but something has to be done. We have lost too many lives here.

Hicks spoke of the January wreck in which two Waynesburg sisters, Diane Haste and Barbara Haste, were killed.

The announcement of the RCUT intersection was made a few months later. It is planned to put it in place by October.

Just after this shipwreck, a petition on stood up, asking for signatures from those who want to see a traffic light at this intersection.

Another major wreck at the intersection last Wednesday left two 19-year-olds seriously injured.

Somerset resident Carlee Whitis was airlifted from the wreckage scene with serious injuries and taken to the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Her boyfriend, Eubank resident Ethan Carter, was taken to the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital before also being airlifted to the UK Medical Center.

After this shipwreck, the popularity of petition grew.

It went from around 4,000 signatures to over 6,400 on Friday night.

Mayor Hicks said he didn’t have much faith in the state when he listened to this petition.

“There have been many petitions launched, and it’s not going anywhere. I think they might take them to the State Department and return them, and they go to file 13, I guess. “

Hicks added, “I don’t know if a light would have prevented either of those two crashes. I have a feeling they might have. It’s worth a try, for me. Anything is worth trying to save a life.

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