The lyrical genius of the Hitchers

The Hitchers (1997)

LIMERICK The Hitchers are set to re-release their debut album It’s All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye on vinyl for the first time.
Hailed as a “work of lyrical genius” by NME Magazine in 1997, the group launched a campaign to make a limited edition reissue on 12-inch vinyl to mark the record’s 25th anniversary.

Originally released on CD only, the album, featuring the singles Strachan / You Can Only Love Someone, Killed It With My Bare Hands and Big Mug, has long been out of print and can only be found used on eBay or Amazon. .

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The band is working with Ireland-based financial support platform to raise the € 3,000 needed to remaster and manufacture the album’s 25th anniversary reissue.
Kicking off the campaign last week, the band’s lead songwriter / drummer Niall Quinn said, “It’s an all-or-nothing fundraiser, the whole concept either lives or dies in the next few weeks. “

At the time of writing, the Hitchers have already hit 80% of their goal in the first seven days of the campaign.

With only 20 days of the campaign, supporters can pre-order the album and claim a host of rewards such as personalized greeting cards, live show tickets, custom glass coasters. hand on the Hitchers theme and even book your own private concert.

Support the campaign at–games-25th-anniversary-re-issue

If the fundraiser is successful, a 25th anniversary reissue concert in Limerick will be announced shortly.

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