Shiba Inu (SHIB) price causes significant increase in bulls, ADA and ETH?

SHIB Price soars to early fall

Over the past few days, evidence of Shiba Inu’s price has been seen in a narrow range of $ 0.00000840 and $ 0.00000860. However, it went from that range to $ 0.00000820. SHIB managed to rack up a few bulls on the line and close at higher values ​​which caused him to leap after that decline. Today, as the price climbed towards $ 0.0000087, the movements went down. Currently the price is on the rise again.



At the time of entry, the SHIB price is $ 0.00000854, trying to move towards the higher closest to the day. Given the current trend, the price could move back up to $ 0.0000087, followed by a drop if momentum is lost.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.00000863
  • Support value is $ 0.00000841
  • Indicators signal a lackluster sell signal

Cardano, a major cryptocurrency in the market, has seen its price fluctuate over the past week. With variable highs and lows, the price was moving in a wide range between $ 1 and $ 2. However, movements have stabilized in recent days. It was fluctuating between $ 1.65 and $ 1.7. Earlier in the day, the price deviated towards the top of this range approaching the $ 2 mark. As soon as he hit $ 1.74 he started to dive with stagnant bearish candles. Currently, the price has started to skyrocket.


As of this writing, the price of ADA has dropped from $ 1.69 to $ 1.72. In the early hours of the morning, the price plunged to $ 1.7 from the $ 1.74 mark. If the current movement persists, the price may slowly creep up and hit the $ 2 mark by tonight. Otherwise, the price could go up almost $ 1.8 and start going down from there.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 1.69
  • The support value is $ 1.67
  • The indicators point to slight selling pressure.

ETH price roars, could fall Down the line

Ethereum, being one of the crypto giants and occupying a prominent place in the blockchain arena, has caught the attention of many investors with its price movements. Last week saw the price move into a comparatively higher range. While the price of Ethereum has not been stable, the trend may have been towards a new high. By traveling above $ 2,500, the next step probably won’t be far for this crypto. However, he has yet to rally the bulls at $ 3,000 this week.


At the time of typing, the ETH price has reached $ 2,830.58. In the early hours of the morning, the price lost momentum and dropped to $ 2,748.29. However, currently with bulls lined up, the price is skyrocketing. Soon the price could hit $ 2,900, but will eventually drop from there if it encounters the economic downturn. But, if the bulls dominate the trendline, it could rise further.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 2715
  • Support value is $ 2685
  • The indicators point to a sell signal.

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