Processor launches plan to replace old street lights

Clarksdale Public Utilities has approved the first phase of a plan to replace utility poles across the region by approving the offer of $ 149,775.81 from Gray’s Power Supply, LLC to carry out the work.

Gray’s Power Supply, LLC submitted the lowest bid of four companies. Bids ranged from $ 49,774.81 to DeSoto County Electric Inc.’s offer of $ 302,603.

Jeff Atwell of Atwell & Gent, PA, the Starkville engineering company for the project, spoke about the utility poles.

“Really what we need to do is complete a CPU team that is replacing the poles with outside contractors who will be caught up because we are late,” said Atwell. “Pole replacements and tree cutters are really bread and butter to keep the lights on. We have to catch up.

Atwell said there are around 5,000 poles that last an average of 40 years.

“What about poles that don’t need to be replaced? Said CPU Commissioner Donald Mitchell.

Atwell said he didn’t know the exact number of poles to replace, but the processor was behind schedule. He added that two and a half percent of utility poles should be replaced each year.

“I don’t believe this has been happening for a while,” Atwell said.

Atwell said the 40 to 60-year-old poles had not been replaced.

Mitchell referred to the 1994 ice storm.

“We replaced a lot of poles during the ice storm,” Mitchell said.

Atwell acknowledged that some of the poles have been replaced, but that could be a problem if the processor was short from 20 to 40 poles.

“It can get away from you quickly. It doesn’t sound like a lot in a particular year, but over a number of periods it catches up with you, ”Atwell said.

Other equipment issues were discussed during the meeting.

The Board approved the 2020 Wastewater Treatment Plant Erosion Control Contract Amendment Order Form to Construction Specialists, LLC for $ 93,975. The original amount was $ 89,030.

The board also approved the purchase of control equipment from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories for the Power Connections Inc. substation for $ 26,520 as a sole source item.

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