Ohio Small Businesses Prepare for Second Round of P3 Loans

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Small businesses in Ohio are ready to apply for the second round of PPP loans. The process begins this week, but many are still waiting to begin the process.

We spoke to two businesswomen, one owner of a party and gift shop, the other of a neighborhood restaurant.

They say this time of year is slow and another round of funding will help them sustain themselves through the pandemic.

No queues and empty parking.

“I keep getting up and coming here, coming to work and trying to shake things up, you know,” Dorothea Carter said.

She wants to pursue her dream and hopes for a second cycle of PPP for her company, Shrimp Lips.

“In the future, we’re going to apply, but you can never say it, you can never say it. As with the stimulus, many people have not received this stimulus, they are still waiting for the first stimulus! “

Loan applications started this week, but it is a phased process.

“That was one of the criticisms of the first round of the PPP, just under a year ago, is that we missed some small businesses, so it’s to address that concern,” said Rob Scott. He is the regional administrator of the US Small Business Administration for the Great Lakes region.

“I hope this will be the last push to ensure that they survive as a small business owner and that their employees are still employed by the business and stay engaged with the business,” a- he added.

Olivera Bratich says her business, Wildcat Gift and Party, took advantage in June, but that money only lasted for a while.

“The devastating slowdown in our sales is down over 50% from last year,” she said.

She is also waiting to file, saying it’s about keeping her staff on the payroll.

“We don’t have employee number 7102, we have Amanda, we have people we know and care about and we want to save their jobs.”

Applications will be open for all companies from Tuesday.

Click here for SBA resources on PPP loans.

Elizabeth J. Harris