Now IKEA has a Meatball Scented Candle you can win!

If you’ve always wanted to bring the true atmosphere and experience of an IKEA store directly to your living room, you might be in luck. Can’t do without their famous Swedish meatballs? Now, the home services giant has a rare chance to pass it all on to you at the same time. Feel lucky?

Fox Business reports that IKEA will choose over 900 lucky people to win one of their brand new HUVUDROLL Meatball candles. Yes, you heard right, a Swedish meatball scented candle. Should we all be rejoicing or be a little sick? Fox says you can enter starting Friday August 6 and will have until August 22 to complete the contest.

The (not) special gift is part of the store’s “IKEA Store in a Box” initiative which provides the customer with the “sensory experiences” of being in one of its stores without ever having to leave home. Now your whole house can smell of meatballs, if that was ever a goal you have strived to achieve in your life. Imagine some of the comments you will receive from the neighbors!

If you really want to go to a real IKEA in the Hudson Valley, you’ll have to go to Paramus, New Jersey which is their closest location from here. IKEA has several other locations scattered around the tri-state area if you’re in the mood for a road trip. Maybe you’ll even meet a bear? In early June, NBC reported that a black bear was sighted in Paramus near Ikea Drive. Officials had warned the public on Twitter not to approach the animal, although they said the bear was not aggressive. This same bear was seen crossing Route 211 in Middletown in late May, apparently looking for a snack and a beer?

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