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FAIRFAX, Virginia, April 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / –, a curated collection of everyday delicacies from ethical sources, recently launched. Situated at Northern virginia, the online store sells luxury, textured, non-toxic, peel + stick wallpapers.

Founded by Heather shaw menis, a luxury goods publicist with her husband who works in the printing industry, Curio by Fifth & Main was born after the couple started making their own wallpaper and found it more user-friendly and more aesthetic than any other wallcovering he has tried.

The wide range of carefully selected products from Curio by Fifth & Main are filtered by the discerning eye of Menis and include decorations, gifts, accessories and wellness products. Among the delicious offers: Fairtrade, non-toxic linens, hand-dipped candles, healthy essences, initial silk scarves and ingenious greeting cards.

Nicknamed F&M Wall Coverings, the selection of chic patterns is growing steadily and also offers custom designs. Wallpapers are printed on stucco textured peel + stick paper that threads easily and does not damage walls when removed. Added in March 2021, F&M x Cheery Designs Wallcoverings is a collection of playful yet cool and kid-friendly prints designed by Elyssa Dorf cheerful designs. “Because we print the wallpaper to order ourselves, we can customize any print, match the backgrounds to popular paint colors, print a client’s own design, or help them find something. something really unique, ”Menis said. Curio by Fifth & Main has also partnered with an interior designer Jill switzer to offer expert interior design consultations and room models for clients on time.

About the founder

The idea of ​​Curio by Fifth & Main has percolated for years in the mind of the founder, Heather shaw menis. Years of working as a Marketing Manager for Saks Fifth Avenue has sparked an intense desire to support local manufacturers, stores and service providers. In 2014, Menis launched Fifth & Main PR to give voice to these small businesses. Fifth & Main PR has worked with a plethora of creatives whose offerings are often far superior to mass-marketed alternatives. With this company, Menis sheds light on these creators and these new discoveries, by carefully organizing little luxuries.

About F&M wallcoverings

Each wall presents endless opportunities. Whether it’s a subtle pattern for layering or bold storytelling art, F&M wall coverings can be customized for each individual’s unique aesthetic. Printed on textured, removable wallpaper, customers can enhance the look of any room without worrying about damaging walls (and without messy paste). F&M wallcoverings are printed with synthetic latex inks which do not contain Hazardous Air Pollutants (PAHs), are non-flammable, incombustible and nickel free (deemed safe for nurseries, hospitals, anyone with asthma, etc. .).

About Curio by Fifth & Main

Curio by Fifth & Main carefully selects products that preserve artisanal practices and offer the little luxuries you never knew you needed. Shipping is free with purchases over $ 100 and one day local delivery is available in Northern virginia.

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Heather menis

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