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You “might as well” stop in downtown Williamsport if you’re looking for unique candles.

Miles Welby a Candle Company, owned by South Williamsport graduate Tyler Spooner, sells 100% non-toxic soy candles.

“We try to be as natural as possible” Spooner said.

The idea came in 2014 when a friend suggested making and selling soap. Spooner was more interested in the candles, however, and the rest was history.

The name “Miles Welby” is actually a pun for “might as well be.”

Spooner said a friend of his from high school used to come up with puns, and Miles Welby “stuck with me.”

What sets Miles Welby apart is that the name “Immediately evokes an action”, Spooner said.

The names of the candles are not typical descriptions of the scents; you “(might as well) take a nap”, “to rake the leaves” or “eat fruit rings.”

Miles Welby opened a storefront in April. A large window means guests can literally watch Moon & Raven as they navigate. Spooner said his neighbors were only supportive, even recommending that patrons stop by Miles Welby while they wait for a table.

“I was very lucky with the space” Spooner said.

The central location of the storefront “allowed a lot of foot traffic.”

“It was sort of the best of times.”

Although Spooner is from the area, he spent time away from Lycoming County. He finally came back here, a trend he noticed in a lot of people here, even in his employees.

“Williamsport has the potential to be a really cool downtown”, Spooner said.

Luck has also been on Spooner’s side when it comes to growing the business.

“We grew up at a perfect pace… I’m grateful for that” Spooner said.

Spooner is currently in the market for more manufacturing space. All candles are made on site in the store, but increased demand has made production difficult in the small space. Spooner plans to keep the storefront as is.

“We are trying to develop our online activity”, Spooner said.

They would eventually like to start shipping across the country and will use social media to increase their presence. The company hopes to expand in the fall, during its “high season.”

Candles can be purchased at or by visiting 151 W. Fourth St., Thursday through Saturday 4 pm to 8 pm and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm.

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