Metroid Prime trilogy reportedly over, awaiting green light from Nintendo

The rumor Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch would be finished and would only wait for a Nintendo green light to come out.

You heard right: a collection of Metroid Prime games is rumored to have completed development. According to VGC, Nintendo is currently holding back the game pending better timing for its release. In particular, the company delayed announcing the game “in part due to limited QA resources during the pandemic, and possibly to align it more closely with the release of Metroid Prime 4.”

For fans worried that this could be a question of Nintendo’s trust in the series, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb assures fans it isn’t. Nintendo is just waiting for the right time and process to release the game.

Fans of the Metroid series were eagerly awaiting a trilogy or news on Metroid Prime 4, but the surprise reveals Terror Metroid delighted many fans. The release of Metroid Prime Trilogy would certainly excite many fans and show that Metroid is always a series that the company prioritizes.

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Metroid Prime trilogy reportedly over, awaiting green light from Nintendo

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