Media may have covered Avenatti ‘the wrong way’

CBS correspondent Jamie wax said on Friday he believed it was possible the media covered the disgraced lawyer Michael avenatti “In a bad way” before his run-ins with the justice system.

“Maybe we covered it badly,” Wax said during a Friday segment. CBS this morning during a discussion of Avenatti’s legal issues. Avenatti rose to prominence as a lawyer for Stormy Daniels and received extensive media coverage for criticizing the former president Donald Trump. He fell out of favor in 2019 after Nike accused him of extortion and was sentenced to 30 months in prison on that charge this week.

“I wouldn’t say ‘We’! ‘ co-host Tony Dokoupil said in response to Wax’s comment.

Laughing, Wax replied to Dokoupil: “The press, collectively.”

“It’s a big tent,” Dokoupil said.

CBS this morning notably interviewed Avenatti six times between 2018 and 2019,

MSNBC – which employs Dokoupil’s wife, Katy tur, as an anchor – interviewed Avenatti 108 times between 2018 and 2019, according to research by Newsbusters, while CBS this morning interviewed him six times. CNN topped the list with 122 combined interviews.

Watch above via CBS News.

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