Marvel’s Avengers Player syncs lights for extra immersion in the Red Room

A crafty Marvel’s Avengers gamer connected lights to his television in order to truly immerse himself in Black Widow’s red room.

A cunning Marvel Avengers The player synchronized the lights to create a flashy and immersive Red Room experience. The multiplayer superhero brawler, developed by Crystal Dynamics, was released in September 2020. Marvel Avengers was released with poor reception, mostly due to technical issues and microtransactions, but Crystal Dynamics continues to support the game with frequent free updates.

Marvel Avengers offers a number of skins for each of its playable heroes, but at launch none of these costumes reflected character appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This frequently requested feature wasn’t properly introduced until May 2021, when an MCU Black Widow skin was officially revealed after a leak. The Sleek Stealth Suit, the very first live-action cosmetic to be officially revealed, was inspired by the hero’s appearance in the 2020s Avengers: Endgame. However, many in the game’s fan base rejected the skin because Black Widow’s in-game hairstyle was not changed to reflect the one worn by Scarlett Johansson in the film. This first MCU costume, released to coincide with a Red Room Takeover event in the game based on the character’s origins, has since been followed by Avengers: Endgame cosmetics for Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. More recently, Black Widow became the first Marvel Avengers character to receive a second MCU-inspired cosmetic, as Crystal Dynamics released a Black Widow outfit for their new movie on July 8 to coincide with the return of the Red Room Takeover event.

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Marvel Avengers Reddit fan and user mark_as_rouge recently posted flashy footage from the game’s Red Room Takeover event. Using a Hue Sync Box, mark_as_red was able to sync two large light bars with their TV lighting. This means that playing in the Red Room paints the entire area a dark red light, while Black Widow’s electric weapons will occasionally cause piercing flashes of blue light through the red haze. By putting on the new white suit, inspired by the new Black Widow movie, mark_as_red is capable of creating a true cinematic experience.

Despite continued reviews of the game, Crystal Dynamics is committed to supporting Marvel Avengers for the foreseeable future. An ongoing content roadmap gives players an idea of ​​what to expect in the future, with both small additions and big expansions coming in the coming months. A recent roadmap update reveals a new change in raid and hero combination that may be of interest to those who have previously avoided the superhero experience. This new supervillain raid will allow players to take on the Mighty Copy Super-Adaptoid, while the hero combination change will allow players to team up using any combination of the eight Avengers available in the game.

Marvel Avengers may be a faithful and engaging superhero experience, but the title is bogged down by technical glitches and microtransactions. Fortunately, players such as mark_as_red are able to make the most of the Crystal Dynamics title, finding excitement and beauty in the combat and game content. While playing in a literal red room, mark_as_red created a tribute appropriate for Black Widow and her new live-action cinematic adventure.

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Source: mark_as_rouge / Reddit

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