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BUSHYL celebrates the season with a fall collection candles and soaps. With scents like Mulled Cider, Apple Harvest, Foliage, and Hunting Lodge, there are plenty of options to fill your home with fall scents. The candles are delivered both in boxes and in larger ceramic containers. Orders can be shipped to your home or you can pick them up at their Third Ward studio.

2. Wick and bean


Wick and Bean’s Becky creates hand-poured candles in her home in Milwaukee’s Washington Heights neighborhood. Its fragrances are created around the best of what each season has to offer. The fall collection includes sweater seasonwith notes of Fresh Mint, Apple, Jasmine and Musk, and Cinnamon Chai with hints of cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel and other autumnal aromas.

3.Dwight Candle Co.


Self-proclaimed “candle queen” Danielle White is the owner of Dwight Candle Co. White’s boutique offers more than 17 fall scents, including hazelnut coffee, pumpkin chai latte, white birch and more. Candles come in four-, nine-, 16-, and 22-ounce containers, so you can wrap a small one in a hostess gift and use the larger one as a centerpiece on your coffee table.

4. Copper Wings Candle Co.


Copper Wings Candle Co. products have been featured in Apartment Therapy, The Strategist and several other lifestyle publications. Even celebrities Quincy and Rashida Jones call themselves fans! Each unique scent – Bury Me in Glitter, Queen of Hearts, Liquid Gold and more – comes in a reusable glass jar and features wooden wicks that crackle as they burn.

5. LitMKE


Perhaps the most ingenious company on the list, LitMKE was founded in 2015 when owner Mike Bate was working as a bartender and noticed how many cans and glass bottles were thrown away. Customers can choose their liquor bottle or can of choice and fill it with one of many flavor options, including Oakmoss and Amber, Papaya Mango, Blue Volcano and more.

6. CTOAN Co.


CTOAN Co. is owned by Jodyann Morgan, a queer black woman, who creates her candles in the image of bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors. She believes “everyone should be able to see their body, or the bodies of the people they love, in accessible art.”

7. Blossom Candle Co.


Blossom Candle Co. aims to create fine fragrances that customers can use in every room of their home. Gratitude candle features a blend of fresh florals and light coconut with a base of musk and sandalwood. Prosperity candle with the scents of black tea infused with orange and fresh crumpets. The shop owned by a black woman offers candles in two different sizes. Customers can order online or catch Blossom Candle Co. at a local farmers or makers market.

8. Milwickee Candles


Milwickee candles are made with coconut wax poured into simple rock glasses that can be reused once the candle is finished. The shop offers seven base scents, ranging from an earthy green scent in their Forest Park candle to citrus and rose scents in The candle of the old country. You can order Milwickee candles online or check them out in person at one of their multiple retailers.

9. Slow Burn Collection


The Slow Burn Hexagon Lighted Beeswax Taper Candles would make a lovely addition to any fall table setting. The beeswax in each of the 10 inch candles comes largely from Wisconsin. If you can’t get enough of Slow Burn’s scents, you’re in luck. They also do soaps, solid perfumes and perfumed oils.

10. Milwaukee Candle Company


Milwaukee Candle Company owner Kevin Gouzwaard created the company’s first line of candles, The Hometown Collection, to explore the idea of ​​the link between smell and memory. The Milwaukee-themed line includes scents like Brewery Tour, Brady Street Days, Bradford Beach and more. Gouzwaard also offers a home candle making kit where you can DIY your favorite Milwaukee Candle Company product.

11. Big White Yeti Co.


Big White Yeti Co. sells soy wax candles made with pure fragrance oils, essential oils and cotton wicks in scents like Cardigan Climate, with hints of apples and spice and autumn weather, and North Woods Cabin, which smells of fir, balsam, moss and cedar. These so autumnal scents are just a few of their many options available in 6 ounce cans or 8 ounce jars.

12. Glass Candle Bar


Feel inspired by Milwaukee’s many candle makers? Well, you can have fun. Glass Note Candle Bar, located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, offers the top-down candle-making experience – choose the scents you love from over 100 options, mix and match to create complexity, combine- them with melted wax and pour them into a Milwaukee-themed container. The process takes between two and three hours, during which you can indulge in craft cocktails and enjoy views of the surrounding historic buildings.

Correction: Jodyann Morgan is the sole owner of CTOAN Co.



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