Let’s Get LIT: Local Candle Companies

The weather is getting cold FAST in Pittsburgh which means candle season is in full swing!! Everyone loves that warm fall scent of pumpkin pie or that fresh scent of fallen winter snow, so it’s time to stock up! While there are hundreds of places around town to buy candles, we love supporting small businesses, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite local candle businesses. From those signature seasonal scents to scents specific to Pittsburgh, we’ve got you covered. And hey, it’s not too early to start your holiday shopping!

First off, Oakmont Candle Works is based in Oakmont, you guessed it. These candles, handcrafted in Oakmont, are pure soy and full of incredible fragrance. Currently, they have their always-on collection, then their favorite fall collection. Many people think fall is synonymous with pumpkin patch and apple orchards, but Thanksgiving is also fall. Oakmont Candle Works has kept this in mind with its collection because some of the sweetest smells are those of Thanksgiving dinner. Blueberry Cobbler and Hazelnut are two of our favorites! If you’re not sure which scent will be your favorite, order a few 8 oz mason jar candles to test before committing to the big 2-wick. Their always available collection has the typical scents like eucalyptus, french vanilla and sandalwood, but also unique scents like kitchen herbs, morning infusion and pappy’s pipe. If you’re interested in fundraising, their spring and summer fundraisers will be opening soon, so keep an eye on their website. Oakmont Candle Works also offers parties for! Bring your group for $20/person, which includes choosing an 8oz candle or melting vessel, sticking the wick, mixing your scent, pouring the wax, and creating a candle. a personalized label. Perfect for birthdays or a romantic evening!

If you’re a local candle lover, chances are you’ve heard of PGH Candle. This popular local brand can be found at stores like Wildcard and Love, Pittsburgh. They can also be found in pop-ups like their kiosk on the lower level of Ross Park Mall next to Starbucks from November 1 through December 31! PGH Candle is known for their neighborhood-themed candles and local collaborations. All of their neighborhood candles have the same scent of musky oakmoss and amber. These are the perfect gift for loved ones who have moved to another state or those who have moved to one of these neighborhoods. It doubles as a homesick gift or welcome gift! Other PGH Candle collections are the Originals (12 oz or 20 oz), Shine Series, Palm Stone Series, PA Wildflowers and their Seasonal Collection. Some local collaborations they have done are the Mediterra Cakehouse Banana Bread and the Hofbräuhaus Fresh Baked Pretzel. Is it just us or could you live off these two flavors alone? !

Sweet Aroma is a local candle company available only for online ordering. They boast that their soy wax candles are completely vegan and eco-friendly, with no paraffin wax or dyes. At Sweet Aroma, you can choose between 8 oz or 16 oz candles or melted waxes. Their fall scents are heavenly! From the apple cider donut, to the blueberry pumpkin patch, to the super fun pumpkin coconut latte, there’s no shortage of perfectly crafted mixes. Stock up off season with their summer candles that are currently on sale. Mango Sorbet, Watermelon Lemonade, and Pink Shores are just a few of the candles on sale right now! One of our favorite things about these candles (apart from the scent) is the adorable labels! Owner Amber creates all labels to PERFECTLY match the mood of each fragrance.

We spoke with Amber from Sweet Aroma and asked her her favorite thing about her business and she said, “I would say my favorite thing about owning/running Sweet Aroma is the community I’ve built around me. I have met so many small business owners and clients, both virtually and in person, who have supported, uplifted and inspired me. Owning a small business in Pittsburgh is like opening up your own little world of support, especially from women-owned businesses! And of course, my house always smells good, so that’s also one of the best parts! Keep an eye out for their holiday collection which goes live on November 1st!

Formerly known as Candle Lab, Mix Candle Co. is the new name for the fun candle pouring experience on Butler Street in Lawrenceville! Make a reservation for your group to enjoy this fun activity, plus it’s BYOB so don’t forget a drink if you’re of age. The way the process works at Mix Candle Co. is that you’ll start by sampling over 120 scents. You’ll receive a little card to jot down some of your favorite scents so you don’t have to remember them all yourself. Once you have a few you like, you’ll talk to one of the scent consultants who will help you decide which 2 or 3 scents to mix based on their expertise. You’ll design a pretty label, pour the wax, and then wait. It takes about 90 minutes for your candle to cool down, so they recommend going to a local restaurant in Lawrenceville, as Mix Candle Co does not allow food, only drinks. Stop after eating to take your candle or take it on another day if you can’t stay for 90 minutes. When you return to purchase, take a look at their premade candles to add to your purchase. All candles range from $20-$35 depending on size, but they are all buy 3, get one free!

If you like the simple minimalist look, Soyil Candles is your jam. These are all-natural, dye-free scented candles that come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your aesthetic, you can decide which is the best fit! The flavors are also very varied. Macintosh, home sweet home and almond cake are just a few. All candles are white with a small label, so if you want to burn several different scents at once, they will always look clean and classy. Greta has been making candles for 10 years now and is very good at what she does in her workshop located in Mount Washington. She’s almost completely sold out of her stock of fall candles, so hurry to visit her site and order what you can before the holiday release rolls around!

There are plenty of other local shops and businesses that we love, but we couldn’t list them all, there are too many! Get your hands on these candles ASAP, because fall is coming fast and winter will be here sooner than expected. Stock up now with all your favorite scents from these local companies!

This content was provided by a local, independent contributor to Made in PGH, a lifestyle blog.

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