Learn how to make wonderful candles at a Kingston candle shop

In the past, I shared with you my passion for candles. I’ve been known to buy candles on vacation as souvenirs of a place I’ve visited.

As a child, I was fascinated by my mother’s collection of candles. She actually had a candle that she burned for years because she was so tall. She had a way of making the edges curl when the candle was burning. She called them Angel Wing Candles. I think she made up that name.

I never knew growing up that you could actually make your own candles. My family wasn’t very crafty, so things like candle making didn’t happen in my house. I don’t know where I thought the candles came from other than the store until a year ago at Girl Scouts, the project was to make our own candles out of milk cartons. It was an interesting project. We even used ice to shape the candles into fun shapes. It was the 70s.

Hill Valley Candles via Facebook

Hill Valley Candles via Facebook

Where to Find Candles in the Hudson Valley

Now I think everyone knows how candles are made and many of our Hudson Valley candle shops offer you the opportunity to make your own candles at candle making events and classes. Hill Valley Candles at 55 North Front Street in Kingston is hosting a candle making event this Friday (April 1, 2022) from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in their boutique.

Update: Friday is sold out but more dates have been added.

Hill Valley Candles via Facebook

Hill Valley Candles via Facebook

This will be their first “open” workshop. It will be open to a limited number of people. This workshop will teach participants how to make three different candles that they can take home. Free drinks will be included.

To register click here. If you don’t have time to attend the workshop, you can always drop by the store, they have a wide variety of candles in the store.

Find a candle store in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Candle Shops

The Hudson Valley has some amazing candle shops. One of them has been making and burning candles since 1969. Candles never go out of style.

Elizabeth J. Harris