Lakeside surf park development in Chesterfield County gets green light from supervisory board

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – The development of the 105-acre lakefront surf park at of Chesterfield County The district of Clover Hill received unanimous approval from the Board of Supervisors at its Wednesday meeting.

The mixed-use development, which is slated to be built at 13400 Genito Road and at 2500, 2601 and 2991 Genito Place, has been under discussion for several years and has been repeatedly postponed by the Planning Commission before receiving approval in May. . It is known as The Lake, named after the planned 13-acre lake that would anchor the site.

Council approved changes to increase residential density, change the phasing of development, change road cash payments, change the master plan, and allow the sale of alcohol for on-site consumption.

The development would be located near Clover Hill High School, hence the council’s request to allow on-site alcohol consumption within 500 feet of a school. Jack Wilson, representing Lake Adventures, LLC, the company behind the proposed project, clarified that the sale of alcohol through a winery or brewery would be much further than 500 feet from the actual school facility – distance is plotted from property line.

A representative of the Brandermill Community Association spoke at Wednesday’s meeting, expressing neighborhood support for The Lake.

However, concerns about improving transport and roads, as well as noise levels, have been raised. Clover Hill District Representative Chris Winslow said noise issues were addressed with the specific placement of an amphitheater and a decibel limit. Wilson also said that Lake Adventures, LLC will be responsible for $ 7 million of off-site road improvements to support infrastructure near the proposed development.

The lake site features a six-acre surf park, a first for the east coast, powered by American wave machines. Central to the proposed development, the park will use artificial wave technology to meet the needs of surfers of different levels of expertise. Wilson said the surf park will also be the largest in the country.

The supervisory board approved modifications to the previous cases concerning this project to allow an increase of 400 housing units. The change means that the new maximum number of dwellings is 1,190. At most, 830 of these dwellings can be multi-family dwellings, and only 5% of these multi-family dwellings can have more than three bedrooms.

The lake construction schedule was not part of the May meeting in which the Chesterfield County Planning Commission approved the above changes, nor was it raised at the Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday. 8News has contacted Lake Adventures, LLC and has yet to hear back.

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