Ikea has made instructions for you to reuse its products

Now, the brand’s Canadian branch has created instruction manuals to reuse some of its products for a variety of different uses. “Reused Instructions” shows how to recycle furniture and other items that might otherwise be thrown at the curb. Guides provide instructions for starting projects like turning a Valdoft candle holder into a planter, to an intermediate project like making Frakta bags in a hanging garden, to really advanced moves like turning an Ivar cabinet into a beehive.

This is just the Swedish retailer’s latest move to focus their marketing on how we can all live more responsibly with their products, which aren’t known to be particularly well-made or durable. In June, Ikea Norway launched “The Trash Collection,” which gave broken and discarded Ikea furniture the catalog treatment, to find out how its products can be reused to reduce waste.

All of this is in line with Ikea’s commitment to become fully circular by 2030, which requires designing products using only renewable, recycled and recyclable materials; and eliminate waste.

[Images: Ikea]

In its press release, the company said, “We truly believe in the power of small, lasting acts that people can do in their daily lives. These explicit, instruction-based efforts seem to be more effective at this end than some of its more recent marketing fluffs, such as an Ikea ad launched in January that depicts a giant meteor made of trash, where the only way to stop it was to stop it. people are changing their lifestyle. Or in May, when the brand published a spot about a little robot trying to save the planet by cleaning up things like plastic bags and an oil spill. Both are cute, but ultimately a lot less useful than some IRL walkthroughs to actually help us. Creative utility FTW.

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