Good business fragrances: Opening of a personalized candle store in the city center | News

Just follow their noses down Third Street to find Paducah’s new scent sensation – The Pour Room.

Owned and operated by Terra Bass, the personalized candle business opens for the first time today.

Bass, who works as a director of first impressions for a local financial consulting firm, is passionate about scents and the difference a voucher can make to a person. She was inspired to start the business after visiting a candle store in Clarksville, Tennessee, where she was determined to create a personalized scent for her daily work.

“Scents can transport you back in time and bring you back memories, and I think it’s so important to keep scents in your everyday life,” Bass said. “People need to be happy and people need joy and people need to come out of their homes to do things that can make them feel that way.

“There is so much hate and violence in the world that trying to create something that makes them happy or helps them capture a memory of happiness in the form of scent is a big part of what we do.”

The Pour Room, 110 S. Third St., will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4 to 8 p.m., Saturday from 1 to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. appointment only. Appointments can be made via or via the store’s Facebook page.

Upon arrival, customers can pick up an apron and piece of paper before sniffing samples of the store’s more than 60 scents that can be mixed and matched to make a candle. After choosing the desired scents, Bass will wait at the bar to act as the shop’s “scentologist”, balancing the scent to make the candle cocktail of customers’ dreams. Customers will then add the scents (up to three can be combined) into soy wax in the container of their choice. A single candle experience costs $ 20, or two candles for $ 35.

It takes around two hours to get ready, during which Bass suggests enjoying the rest of downtown Paducah – though she hopes eventually to have some wine and beer in the store.

“I’m just happy to bring something like this to Paducah. I love this city and everything about it, ”she said. “I love people and I love to see them happy and having fun. If I can offer this experience to someone, then I want to.

The owner hopes The Pour Room will be a unique part of the downtown shopping scene.

“I think Paducah needed something different, something more of an experience than just shopping, eating and sightseeing. It’s something that can bring people together for something they will enjoy, ”added Bass. “Every part of this store is something unique that you won’t find anywhere else. Just the activity of making the candle, the experience that you will have being here.

Elizabeth J. Harris