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India, June 7, 2021: Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), Bangalore, has effectively built its own recognition as one of the top business schools in India. GIBS is known as an institute of international educational standards, which lives up to its motto very well – where abilities are nurtured, goals are cherished, thoughts are shared and dreams are fulfilled. GIBS is ranked among the best business schools in the country.

The institute is known for its out-of-the-box approach of ensuring that students are at the top of their game and have a bright future ahead of them. Adhering to this approach, they regularly organize various webinars, panel discussions and many such events. Renowned professors and prominent industry professionals join these events, addressing students and providing relevant information to guide them on the right career path. One-on-one interaction with these industry experts helps students decide their career goals and objectives the right way.

GIBS has always tried to understand each of its students’ problems related to academics and therefore tried to shed some light on them by organizing several informative events with various academics from all over the world.

GIBS recently hosted a webinar on “Spinner Innovation: Understanding how to analyze propensity to innovate” by Mr. Ronnie Figueiredo, Portugal, on June 4, 2021. This webinar was organized for students to gain additional knowledge about the innovation in spinners. The webinar provided the students with an immense amount of knowledge on the subject and increased their curiosity to innovate. The entire webinar was extremely informative and engaging.

There are many instances where students have difficulty understanding a particular subject and hence have no knowledge of that subject. GIBS provides students with excellent exposure to various industry topics which are explained by industry experts themselves. Besides academic webinars, GIBS has also hosted events on non-academic topics for additional knowledge and clarification. This is how the institute provides free knowledge through world-class webinars and panel discussions with top experts from the business world, top universities, foreign countries and various other leading industries. Over time, GIBS has organized many productive and informative events. Some of them are mentioned below.

A Roundtable on Design Thinking is essential for a successful management career by industry experts. This roundtable highlighted working methods that can help us systematically extract, teach, examine and practice these human-focused strategies to address problems in innovative and modern ways. The roundtables shed light on how and why design thinking is crucial for a successful management career. This captivating roundtable took place on May 25, 2021.

World-class webinar on MANAGEMENT SKILLS NECESSARY TO MANAGE INTERCULTURAL TEAMS by Mr. Michael Wenani Nielsen, Denmark: This international webinar by Mr. Michael Wenani Nielsen explained how to manage a cross-cultural team. He shared some of his brilliant strategies, which are knowing each team member, embracing flexibility, encouraging certain team building activities, creating a structure for success, resolving conflict as early as possible. , to create intercultural awareness programs, etc. The webinar took place on May 15, 2021.

Nationwide Webinar on What HR Expects of Future Managers By Mr. Giri Narayan G – Senior HR Professional and OD Consultant: In this nationwide webinar by Mr. Giri Narayan G, Mr. Giri talks about HR expectations vis-à-vis future managers. He wants future managers to motivate the team, model behavior at work and put the best interests of the team rather than his own.

GIBS truly believes in transforming its students into future business leaders by providing them with the right exposure to these eminent industry experts. Each GIBS student will bring a great amount of knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm, which will make them the best candidates for the future leaders of tomorrow.

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