Dover, NH Man who put razor blades in pizza dough pleads guilty

A man from Dover has pleaded guilty to tampering with pizza doughs at a Hannaford supermarket in Maine.

Nicholas Mitchell, 39, faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000 when convicted of federal charges.

Mitchell will also have to pay restitution to the victims of his crimes.

On October 6, 2020, management at Hannaford in Saco, Maine, reported to police that a customer complained after bringing home a pizza dough from the Portland Pie Company and finding blades of razor inside. This discovery was made on October 5.

Security footage from the store shows a man who appears to be Mitchell tampering with the packaging of several Portland Pie pizza doughs.

Mitchell was a former employee of It’ll Be Pizza, a company that made products for Portland Pie. He had lost his job in June 2020 and this is believed to be what led to his anger.

Hannaford had to issue a recall for all Portland Pie cheese and fresh dough sold in the deli section.

According to an announcement from officials at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maine, Mitchell pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to one count of falsifying a consumer product.

Mitchell will be sentenced at a later date. He is expected to receive up to four years and nine months in prison based on a plea deal he reached with prosecutors earlier this year.

The United States Food and Drug Administration and Saco Police Department investigated the case with assistance from Dover and North Berwick, Maine Police Departments.

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