Door County Candle Shop Donates $700,000 to Ukraine

DOOR COUNTY, Wis. – A local candle company is making progress in shipping tens of thousands of orders.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Door County Candle Company has made it its mission to sell a yellow and blue candle to raise funds for Ukrainians. Since then, the quaint candle shop has been able to donate $700,000 to Ukraine.

Over the past five months, owner Christiana Trapani and a team of over 500 volunteers have shipped over 29,000 candle orders.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we’d be at that number,” Trapani said.

They managed to sell over 70,000 candles and finally overcame a backlog of March orders when they received 20,000 orders in just one week.

“We went from a small candle shop that only made 15,000 candles a year to having to place orders for over 65,000 candles,” Trapani said.

All of their profits go to Ukraine, which means $700,000 will go towards medical supplies, drones to drop off those medical supplies and help evacuate families.

“It’s just a wonderful and inspiring thing to know that so many people around you want to help and support and they support the people of Ukraine, it’s amazing,” Trapani said.

Ginger Lord has been a volunteer who has been coming in from Appleton twice a week to help get orders ready since March.

“We are happy to be able to do something and every day is a different day here,” Lord said.

Lord said it is work she feels blessed to do alongside her husband and wishes she could come more often.

“I say a prayer every time I pick up one of these boxes for the person it might help in Ukraine,” Lord said.

Their team has accomplished a huge undertaking and Trapani said they want to keep raising more money.

“The goal is the million. So we’re going to get a million dollar donation,” Trapani said.

It’s a goal she’s confident in after seeing what this team has been able to do so far.

Elizabeth J. Harris