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When you first see the beautifully sculpted candles created by artist Susan Colavita, from Candle Creations, you must be wondering how she could have made the intricately designed candles in layers of color.

There is a whole technique in the process that requires the candle to be dipped in wax of different colors several times to create the layers.

Susan then skillfully cuts out the layers to reveal the colors. She works with the wax while it is still hot to create ribbon-like designs for a stunning final decorative candle.

It’s something she started doing a little over a year ago and has spent a lot of time learning the technique.

“It was the result of wanting to do something different and unique,” ​​said Susan. “A few years ago, I decided to do my own research on what it takes to make them, ordered my equipment overseas, and got a lot of practice.”

Once she has completed the process of dipping the candles in the hot wax, she needs to work quickly to design each one while the wax is still pliable.

If the candle hardens before it is finished, it cannot complete the part.

Because she makes each candle by hand, no two candles are the same.

“There are 25 to 30 dips in the wax,” said Susan. “It takes about half an hour to make each candle because you have to work quickly while it is still hot. If you wait too long to think about it, it will harden and your candle will be fired. I work full time so it really is a labor of love.

Susan’s candles are now appearing in specialty stores. She also sells them in seller’s markets and online.

Although these are fully functional candles, they are so ornate and well designed that they are more likely to be a beautiful decorative item for your home.

Plus, they make great gifts and would be perfect as centerpieces for weddings, corporate events, or any other special occasion.

You can see her products by following Candle Creations on Facebook and Instagram.

By Brian Lockhart
Journalist Local Journalism Initiative

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