Covid 19: Early end-of-life consultation on the Auckland tram

The lockdown of the Covid-19 alert level 4 prematurely ended the live public consultation on the Auckland light rail system project.

The Auckland Light Rail Transit (ALR) government unit had scheduled two more live events before the initial consultation ended, ahead of a recommendation in September on the type of program preferred.

“In addition to considering public safety, we need to put the safety and well-being of our team and our communities first,” said Tommy Parker, Managing Director of ALR.

“Face-to-face engagement is no longer appropriate during lockdown. “

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ALR has hosted 11 live events in the community seeking public opinions since the government announced before Easter the revival of the light rail project.

Parker said ALR would close the consultation primarily online, with workshops for the community and stakeholders, and put more material on social media to encourage public comment.

“We are confident that even with this shift to different channels, our engagement remains strong,” Parker said. Thing in a report.

An artist's impression of how a

ALR / Supplied

An artist’s impression of the appearance of a “modern” tram system in suburban Auckland.

In 2017, the government resumed plans from Auckland for a light rail line from downtown to Mount Roskill, then to Māngere and the airport, but wasted three years weighing competing ideas from the public and private sectors. .

There are no details yet on the proposed plan, with the consultation covering aspects of the previous two ideas, a traditional street-level service, or a more underground and elevated high-speed “metro” system.

The government unit will make a general recommendation on what type of diet it prefers and is expected to announce by Christmas how it will proceed.

Chronology of decision making for Auckland Light Rail.

ALR / Supplied

Chronology of decision making for Auckland Light Rail.

“The project team received over 1,000 responses online and several hundred more during community engagement at markets and events, as well as through workshops and presentations with key groups in the industry and community, ”Parker said.

For a few years the project was promoted as ‘light rail to airport’, but it is now described as serving large redevelopments of state-owned housing in Mt Roskill and Māngere, and increasing housing density. along its route.

A later step could extend a line to Kumeu northwest of the city, but that is not part of the current plan.

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