couple opens candle shop in Mt. Hermon | News

Mt. HERMON, Virginia – A new body care and home fragrance store has just opened on Franklin Turnpike.

Trey and Devon Morrison have been running Luxury Morrison Candle and Body Co. out of their home since the coronavirus pandemic began, but were able to move into the new store two weeks ago.

“We sell candles,” Trey said. “I make home sprays, body sprays, lotions, all-natural body cleansers, body butters. I also make wax melts.

Trey is originally from Ohio but has spent most of his life in Florida, while Devon is originally from Jamaica but raised in Naples, Florida. The Morrisons moved to Danville to be closer to another family who had moved to the area.

“I guess we came here in the spring time and the leaves were coming back, and it was beautiful,” Devon said.

What started as a dire situation created by the pandemic has turned into an unforeseen opportunity.

“The coronavirus took away our jobs,” Trey said. “We had some savings and we decided to have a plan… I had given my years to the company I was with – I worked hard, everything to get them to let me go when COVID-19 hit. started for the first time, and I don’t really want to go through it again; in case another pandemic happened, I wanted to have something of my own. “

Trey learned how to make candles and sprays for the home from another man who taught him the basics and continued to learn on his own.

“I had started doing paints for the sake of painting… and then I was like, ‘Dude, this isn’t working,’ so I was like, ‘I’m going to try something else,'” Trey said. “I started out in the candles, and we kind of progressed from there. It’s become body wash, and soon it’ll be all-natural shampoos, conditioners, and stuff. I have so many plans for this. I want to make it really nice.

Although his focus has been on body care and home products, Trey still sells his paints for painting in the store and plans to start painting lessons for painting in the near future.

“It was kind of like a Bath and Bodyworks style in mind, but very different because I’m adding a lot more products,” Trey said. “I’ll add those botanical bath salts, bath bombs and sugar scrubs for your face and everything in between as we continue to treat.”

Opening a new business for the first time can be a scary endeavor, Trey says, but the support of neighbors can help ease the stress a bit.

“We had the help from the community, we really did, to get this store up,” Trey said. “We had help from Amie Hastings; she was our very first customer and she believes in us so much that she helped us with the wall art she made… We also had my mom’s help.

With uncertainty comes excitement for the possibilities of the future that lies ahead.

“Keep your head up, and eventually it’s going to grow,” Trey said.

Elizabeth J. Harris