Chesterfield Candle Shop Reveals Increase in ‘Scent Weddings’ As Couples Seek To Make Their Big Days More Memorable

Located on Chatsworth Road, The Scent Stylist Company specializes in using components of different aromas to enhance weddings, special occasions and even create a bespoke home fragrance.

Jane Helliwell founded the company in 2016 out of her fascination with the “powerful” emotions and memories created by perfumes.

It manufactures and sells its own candles, diffusers, bedroom and linen atomizers as well as scented stationery through The Scent Stylist Company and has seen ‘scent weddings’ bookings increase by 20% in the past 12 years. month.

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Jane Helliwell founded The Scent Styling Company on Chatsworth Road in Chesterfield.

Couples are also looking for signature scents to make their big day even more special, as due to the pandemic many weddings have been rescheduled multiple times in accordance with evolving Covid-19 rules.

The idea behind this relatively new phenomenon is that couples choose a scent that they have a connection with that is then incorporated into the wedding – altar and reception invitations.

Jane said: “With many couples having to delay their weddings or reduce the number of guests, many more people have been looking for ways to make the day even more special and scent wedding bookings have grown in popularity from the start. of the pandemic. “

Rachael and George Tomkins were recommended the fragrant wedding service by their wedding venue, Hooton Pagnell Hall in Doncaster.

Rachael and George Tomkins on their wedding day. Photo credit: David Gravel Photography.

Rachael added, “It sounded very exclusive, very 21st century and I absolutely wanted to have it for our wedding. George, however, thought it meant having bottled pheromones!

The couple chose a scent that reminded them both of a trip to St. Lucia in 2019, especially the smell of the resort suite.

On their wedding day, the scent was dropped all over the place, sprayed on table linens, poured into diffusers and even scent fans for their guests.

“The scent made our wedding day truly unique; he got our guests talking before the wedding, during and even weeks after, ”added Rachael.

The company founder said bookings for scented weddings have increased 20% in the past year.

“I still have guests calling me asking how they can have a scented wedding for themselves. It gave our wedding a little more class and personalization.”

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Elizabeth J. Harris