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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – When Kent Innovation High School opened in 2011, principals made it their business to offer students an increasingly popular teaching model: project-based learning.

The high school, which serves students in the districts of Kent County, took an educational approach where students learned by actively engaging in real-world projects. They have acquired knowledge and skills by working collaboratively to investigate and answer a question, problem or challenge.

In the decade since the school opened, educators across the county have been influenced by its program, implementing similar programs in their own districts.

Today, 10 years after its launch, the school is about to close its doors for good. But the emerging educational strategy first launched at Kent Innovation High has had a lasting impact on schools across the region and will likely stick around long after it closes.

The Grand Rapids School, located at 1655 E Beltline Ave. NE, is expected to close once its tenth grade class graduates. The KISD school board voted in May not to accept ninth grade students this school year as part of a transition plan to gradually close the school over the next three years due to declining enrollment.

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School enrollment has seen a steady decline over the past seven years, currently at 168 students for grades 10-12. While the school was built for 400 students, enrollment numbers have fallen below 300 since the 2014-15 school year.

Part of the reason enrollment has declined at Kent Innovation is that the school’s once unique program has been rolled out in neighboring school districts in recent years. Kent ISD has 20 school districts.

“We had many of our member districts (within KISD) to observe Kent Innovation High to determine how they might apply this type of instruction in their own districts,” said Kent ISD Acting Superintendent Ron Koehler.

“They’ve since incorporated project-based programming as an option for students, perhaps into a traditional math class or a government class. “

Project-based learning has become popular in some of Kent County’s larger school districts, including Forest Hills, Rockford, Grand Rapids, and Caledonia.

One example is the “Gone Boarding” course launched at Forest Hills Eastern High School in 2013, where students gain experience in surfing, long boarding, snowboarding and paddle boarding.

Students develop a number of skills through the boarding project, including designing and building the boards themselves, learning to use the boards, and marketing ideas to executives in the field.

Rockford launched its Creative Teaching and Learning Center in the 2019-2020 school year. The space has been carefully designed to facilitate interactions between student teams to promote more cooperative and collaborative learning.

“The idea is how to involve a student more directly in their educational opportunities and make them more exciting and interesting than, you know, sitting in an office pointing to the teacher, lectures and tests,” Koehler said.

But it’s not a bad thing that Kent Innovation High School is shutting down because other school districts have implemented the same program, Koehler explained. In fact, this is what the principals had set themselves in the first place with its creation.

“It is good news that we have actually accomplished what we planned to do in terms of spreading this kind of learning across the region,” he said.

The school was created largely in response to the standardization of state-wide curricula a decade ago, aimed at preparing students for college. But principals at the time were concerned about “alienating” students who would not be able to learn with this program, Koehler said.

“We were looking for what would engage them in greater rigor and make learning more relevant to them,” he said. “This was an opportunity for the students to come and have their core content at all four levels of high school in a hands-on learning environment where their projects encompassed content expectations. “

The innovative program was a huge success for the students, and principals from across the region and state came to observe the practices of Kent Innovation High, Koehler said.

In 2012, the school was named a National Demonstration Site by California-based New Tech Network, welcome teachers from all over the country to discover the fundamentals of the school.

But Kent Innovation’s success was a double-edged sword. As more schools implemented project-based learning, fewer students came to Kent Innovation.

“Once students had many of these opportunities at their home school, most students were reluctant to leave their school for a smaller program on a remote campus, which required transportation or their own ability to go. and come, ”Koehler said.

Kent ISD administrators ultimately decided to cut back on recruiting efforts, resulting in even fewer new students entering the school.

“We’ve decided to stop, you know, sending information packets to families through ISD and encouraging them to sign up, and instead we’ll work with individual districts on the implementation. program implementation, ”Koehler said.

“So all of these forces have led to such a decline that we can no longer financially support the full program for such a small number of students.”

Kent Innovation has encouraged innovative practices that have been replicated in local school districts.

“We know there are students who benefit from (project-based learning),” Koehler said. “And we wouldn’t have this in our schools today without the experience and knowledge accumulated at (Kent) Innovation High, which made principals and superintendents say, ‘We have to do this here. “”

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Small Business Loan Program Set To Expire Next Week, Senate Calls For Extension | KTAB Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:35 +0000

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – A program that was put in place to help small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic is set to expire next week – unless Congress acts first. Capitol Hill senators on both sides of the aisle are now pushing for an extension of the paycheck protection program.

With the COVID relief program money distributed to people across the country, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff said Congress needs to work quickly to do more for small businesses.

“Now what we need to do, and what I urge my colleagues to do, is swiftly adopt an extension of the PPP Small Business Support Program until May,” Senator Ossoff said.

The US bailout plan promulgated by President Joe Biden earlier this month there was additional money for the paycheck protection program, but not an extension of the program itself. The program is set to expire a week from Wednesday and still has $ 128 billion to earn.

Ossoff is calling on his colleagues to act now to pass an extension, “to help keep struggling small businesses, like local mom restaurants and pop stores, afloat.”

Unlike a lot of other things in Washington, the extension proposal is bipartite. And seven GOP senators are already backing it.

Senator Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from West Virginia, is hoping to get even more signatures.

“This is one of the most successful programs we’ve done together for COVID relief,” Capito said on Wednesday.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Backs his own measure to expand the program, but in a way he says will ensure that “the Biden administration does not freeze small businesses that were previously eligible.”

But Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin, who worked with Rubio to pass the first round of the PPP, said the Senate should focus on approving an extension and work on the details later.

“There are other changes to the program that we will have the opportunity to discuss,” Senator Cardin said in the Senate on Wednesday.

It is not yet known when the extension will be put to the vote. The program expires on March 31.

This weekend marks one year since the CARES law has been adopted. During that time, the Small Business Administration approved 8.2 million PPP loans worth more than $ 715 billion, Cardin said.

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What the new economic equity bills signed by the governor do Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:33 +0000

Tuesday, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed four bills championed by the Black Legislative Caucus to promote economic development and fairness as part of the “lame duck” January session caucus “pillars” to combat systematic racism.

Lawmakers say the bills are designed to help everyone, but especially people of color. They aim to increase economic access for people of color and people with disabilities by removing barriers to economic opportunity.

Senate Bill 1480: Employment and Criminal History

This bill prevents employers from using a person’s criminal history as a reason not to hire someone. It would be a violation of civil rights if a company refused a job to a person solely on the basis of a criminal conviction. Employers can always refuse to hire someone on the basis of a conviction if there is a substantial connection between the conviction and the job. Republicans say this opens the door to frivolous lawsuits.

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Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra receives over £ 100,000 from government fund for culture recovery Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:17 +0000

The Orchestra also received funding during the first round of the Government Fund for the Restoration of Culture in 2020

The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra received a grant of £ 102,958 from the £ 1.57 billion government fund for culture recovery to help the organization recover and reopen.

More than £ 300million has been awarded to thousands of cultural organizations across the country, including the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, as part of the Culture Recovery Fund’s latest round of support, the secretary said. Culture last week.

This scholarship is an essential lifeline for the Orchestra, securing its future and expanding its ability to provide work and employment to its musicians. The funds will go to a United Nations World Environment Day celebration on Saturday June 5 with a “ Pastoral for the Planet ” concert, which is part of a four-part concert series, which will include two programs devoted to the study of the relationship between Mozart and his contemporary Joseph Bologne, Knight of St. George.

This injection of funds will also allow the Orchestra to implement its plans to increase engagement with the local Oxford community, providing educational opportunities for all school-aged children and projects focused on access to the hardest to reach communities. The plans include:

  • A family FUNomusica concert for children of primary age
  • A KS2 level project carried out in parallel with two concerts around Mozart and the Chevalier de Saint-Georges
  • A Junior Concerto Competition in partnership with Oxford County Music Service

Thanks to the first round of funding from the Cultural Recovery Fund, the Oxford Philharmonic has created a series of four winter concerts, featuring Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Yuri Zhislin and Charlotte Scott, which are broadcast free to audiences around the world and broadcast as part of a 2 hour special. functionality over conventional FM radio.

More than £ 800million in grants and loans have already been made to support nearly 3,800 cinemas, performance venues, museums, heritage sites and other cultural organizations facing the immediate challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Marios Papadopoulos, Founder and Music Director of the Oxford Philharmonic, said: “We are honored that Her Majesty’s Government and the Arts Council have once again recognized our contribution to the arts and provided us with a grant. vital to allow us to continue our work as the industry recovers from this third lockdown. This funding will allow us to film more concerts and deliver on some of our most ambitious community plans to date, with provisions for education for all ages. “

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Biden admin to change PPP to target small businesses Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:07 +0000

The Biden administration on Monday announced several planned changes to the Paycheque Protection Program aimed at providing ‘fair relief’ to small businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, especially minority-owned businesses and those that may have had difficulty securing forgivable loans.

“While the Paycheck Protection Program has brought urgent help to many businesses across the country, last year’s first round of PPP left too many minority-owned businesses and mothers and children at home, while large, well-connected companies have raised funds quickly ”. an administration official told reporters on Sunday.

Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees will have a two-week window to apply for funding, starting Wednesday. Large companies will not be allowed to apply during this period.

From next week a number of new eligibility rules will come into effect: One billion dollars will be set aside for sole proprietors, such as home contractors and beauticians. The self-employed, sole proprietors and independent contractors were previously excluded or received a pittance, as loan amounts were calculated based on the number of employees.

Also included in the new directive are small business owners who have committed crimes unrelated to fraud, delinquents on their federal student loans, and certain non-citizen residents, such as green card holders or those in the country with visas, all of which were previously ineligible.

The program builds on the forgivable loan program created by Congress last year. The program, which closed in August but reopened later in December to allow homeowners to apply for a second loan, has struggled to help smaller businesses across the country as the coronavirus pandemic has caused phased closures throughout. the country for much of the past year.

Congress targeted second round of business loans fewer than 300 employees who faced a revenue drop of at least 25 percent in the first, second or third quarters of 2020. Companies with less than 10 employees saw a 60 percent increase while rural businesses experienced a 30 percent increase.

Lawmakers set aside $ 12 billion for minority-owned businesses: funding that was distributed by community development finance institutions and minority depositories rose 40 percent, according to a White House statement.

Since December, about $ 134 billion has been loaned to 1.8 million small business owners and about half of the allocated funds remain. President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion relief bill would add an additional $ 7 billion to the program.

Learn more about National Review

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Time is running out for Ohioans seeking 2017 tax refund Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:53 +0000

Time is running out for 48,700 Ohio residents to claim a federal tax refund in 2017.

Ohio and nationwide taxpayers have until May 17, this year’s tax filing deadline, to file a 2017 Form 1040 federal tax return and claim tax refunds of an estimated value. to $ 1.3 billion. The Internal Revenue Service says that about 1.3 million Americans are liable for money.

In Ohio, the median reimbursement available is $ 852, just below the national median of $ 865.

In cases where a federal income tax return has not been filed, the law gives most taxpayers a three-year window to request a tax refund. If they don’t file a tax return within three years, the money becomes the property of the federal government.

There can be several reasons why a person did not file a 2017 return, including the possibility that a worker did not earn enough money to require them to file a return. Yet the worker would have paid federal tax and be entitled to a refund on those earnings.

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Illinois pays off $ 25 million in student loans for new homeowners Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:56 +0000

Illinois offers to PAY off up to $ 40,000 in student loan debt for new homeowners in a bid to attract buyers in massive $ 25 million program

  • The “ SmartBuy ” program will reimburse up to $ 40,000 in student loans per applicant
  • Potential buyers with incomes of less than $ 109,200 are eligible
  • Nearly 200 buyers have applied for the process since December 1
  • Peter Maloney, 26, moves to Illinois with his fiancee after the state pays off his $ 44,000 student loan debt

Illinois is offering to pay off up to $ 40,000 in student loans for new homeowners in an attempt to attract new buyers under a new $ 25 million program check advance eau claire wi.

The Illinois Housing Development Authority’s SmartBuy program will offer a loan equal to 15% of the purchase price of the home or pay off up to $ 40,000 in student loans, whichever is lower. It will also provide $ 5,000 which can be applied towards your down payment or your closing costs.

A couple from Florida considered moving to Indiana before hearing about the SmartBuy program.

“ It definitely made the decision to move easier and buy a house possible, ” says Peter Maloney, 26.

Illinois now offers a $ 25 million program that offers eligible residents up to $ 40,000 in student loan reduction. Pictured: A file photo of a housing estate in Des Plaines, Ill., Advertises a ‘Lot for sale’ sign

Maloney and his fiancee thought his $ 44,000 in student loans would make it nearly impossible to buy a home for several years, but they are now in the process of closing a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condominium in Plainfield, in the ‘Illinois.

Potential buyers with incomes of less than $ 109,200 may be eligible for the SmartBuy program. The price limit for buying a home is between $ 325,000 and over $ 500,000 depending on the type of home and location.

The program plans to help between 500 and 1,000 new homeowners buy their first home.

Illinois is one of several states offering repayment assistant programs and tax incentives for those with student debt.

Maryland also offers a SmartBuy program, where homebuyers who have existing debt of at least $ 1,000 can receive a repayment amount of up to $ 30,000.

Texas offers several programs for those in education, law, and health.

A reimbursement program offers physicians who practice in Texas for four years up to $ 180,000 in scholarships.

Kansas has designated 77 counties in the state as “rural opportunity areas” and offers additional benefits to new owners in those areas.

Kansas has designated 77 counties as `` rural opportunity zones '' where financial incentives are offered to new full-time residents

Kansas has designated 77 counties as “ rural opportunity zones ” where financial incentives are offered to new full-time residents

Some counties offer income tax exemptions for up to five years or student loan repayments of up to $ 15,000 over five years.

At the end of 2020, the Federal Reserve estimated that Americans owed more than $ 1.7 trillion in student loans.

President Joe Biden has called on Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and the US Department of Education to conduct a review of the president’s power to write off up to $ 50,000 in student debt.

Biden has previously said he supports handing over $ 10,000 in student loans, but is now looking at the larger amount after growing pressure from progressive Democratic lawmakers.

Senator Chuck Schumer tweeted Saturday, “Today would be a great day for President Biden and Vice President Harris for #CancelStudentDebt.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks during a student debt press conference outside the United States Capitol on February 4 in Washington, DC

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks during a student debt press conference outside the United States Capitol on February 4 in Washington, DC

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked President Biden last month for categorically refusing to write off student debts of $ 50,000, which he did not believe had the jurisdiction to write off.

White House Chief of Staff Rob Klain said the memo regarding whether the administration had authority will ‘hopefully’ be released ‘in the coming weeks’ ‘.


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Larry Fink says BlackRock “isn’t perfect”. Linking costs to diversity goals could help Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:56 +0000

Black rock has for the first time linked the cost of by leveraging bank loans according to three parameters: how many women hold positions of responsibility, black and Latino employment, and how much she invests in assets that benefit society and the environment.

The interest rate and fees that BlackRock pays lenders on any amount it draws from its $ 4.4 billion primary credit facility will increase or decrease each year from 2022 depending on the number of objectives achieved. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the story.

Black rock (BLK) targets a 30% increase in black and Latino employees in the United States by 2024, he said in a statement to CNN Business. It also aims to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions globally, currently 30%, by 3% per year.

“Just as we ask other companies, we have a long-term strategy to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at BlackRock,” he said. Fink added that part of the strategy includes “mitigating biases” in his recruiting and talent management.

The company’s progress in strengthening investments in companies with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings could further affect its borrowing costs. He wants to manage sustainable assets worth $ 1 trillion by 2030, up from $ 200 billion today.

“The ESG linked credit facility reinforces BlackRock’s commitment and responsibility to achieve certain sustainability goals,” the company said.

According to a spokesperson, it will have to achieve at least two of its three objectives and will not be able to “significantly underperform” the third for a tariff advantage to materialize. “If BlackRock significantly underperforms two of the three, a price penalty kicks in,” added the spokesperson.

The rate on the loan, which is a reserve facility that is not used regularly by the business, could also remain unchanged if it narrowly reaches its targets.

BlackRock’s commitment could provide a major boost to sustainability-related lending, which has grown in popularity in recent years as companies face increasing pressure from shareholders to adopt better business practices for the company and the environment.

Britain’s largest supermarket group last year Tesco (TSCDF) tied interest payments on a £ 2.5 billion ($ 3.5 billion) revolving credit facility to environmental goals, including reducing emissions, using renewables and managing waste food.
US economy can 'definitely' resist tax hikes, says BlackRock's Rick Rieder
BlackRock – which ended 2020 with nearly $ 8.7 trillion in assets – refined his concentration on ESG investing last year. It is committed to exiting assets that pose high sustainability risks, such as thermal coal, and has launched new products that filter fossil fuels and allow clients to invest in companies with top ratings. ESG.

Earlier this year, BlackRock said it would ask companies to disclose plans on how their business models would be compatible with a “net zero economy” and that it would publish the proportion of its assets aligned with net emissions of zero greenhouse gases.

Fink reaffirmed that commitment on Wednesday and said the company aims to have net zero emissions on all of its assets under management by 2050.

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Climate crisis conflicts are rampant in major banks, new study finds Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:56 +0000

A multitude of banks have pledged to help fight climate change, but new research has highlighted many climate-related conflicts of interest that many bank executives have, which cast a shadow over their promises.

A study conducted by climate influence analysts for the DeSmog blog found that 65% of bank managers have ties to what they termed a climate conflict organizations. Links range from working with oil and gas companies, to funding lobby groups against fossil fuel pollution reduction, to consulting roles in mining and manufacturing companies.

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“The fossil fuel industry has a well-established reputation for pleasing itself to thought leaders and policy makers in society,” said Geoffrey Supran, research associate in the Department of History of Science at Harvard University. , in Desmog.

“Having your fingers in all the pies allows the fossil fuel industry to quietly put its thumb on the institutional decision-making ladder, helping to delay action and protect the status quo,” he said. he declares.

In the United States, 17% of bank managers have ties to think tanks and lobbying groups who campaigned to weaken climate change measures. For example, six directors of JP Morgan had such ties, and the company has spent $ 317 billion funding of fossil fuels since the signing of the Paris Agreement.

A specific group of banks have recently come to the forefront to offer billions of dollars in loans to finance the renovation and addition of Line 3, an oil sands pipeline, in Minnesota. The pipeline is estimated produce carbon emissions equal to those of 50 coal-fired power plants.

Of the four American banks that finance it in the form of loans – JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citigroup – all four have recently published commitments for a net zero climate.







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Success of the year of banknotes, elects leaders Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:56 +0000

People First Bancshares – the Pana-based holding company for Peoples Bank & Trust, which has offices in Springfield, Waverly, Palmyra and White Hall in west-central Illinois – announced an annual increase in pre-tax profit of 7 , $ 1 million to $ 7.6 million. and an increase in assets of $ 60.3 million to $ 488 million.

Deposit volume increased $ 40 million to $ 413.1 million, while loans jumped $ 44.6 million to $ 322.3 million.

The increases were reported at its annual meeting, where achievements were detailed, including loan repayment relief for 776 borrowers, implementation of the SBA Payroll Protection Plan, and a new product from residential mortgage at fixed rate.

“Even with the challenges of the pandemic, our employees were able to continue to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and our bank continued to support our communities,” said John Gardner, President and CEO. “Our team’s ability to focus on customer needs and live by our mantra of ‘putting people first’ has resulted in a year of record performance.”

The bank also recognized four long-term executives who are retiring – Marty Kerns, Judy Prasun, Ken Hart and David Sprigg.

Michael E. Beyers, John Gardner and Michael M. Trexler were re-elected to three-year terms as directors of the bank and the holding company. The other directors are David Slater, David Dorn Jr., Brad Davis and Christopher Swing.

At the organizational board meeting, which followed the annual meeting, Trexler was elected chairman of the board and Slater was elected vice-chairman. Other executives include Gardner, President and CEO; James Adcock, secretary; Terry Schafer, Assistant Secretary; and Craig Deere, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.

– Angela Bauer

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