BTC price is skyrocketing, will MATIC and SHIB prices move the same?

BTC price soars

In recent days, Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency monster, has climbed the chart. As he quickly approached $ 40,000, he unexpectedly wiped himself off and fell to nearly $ 3,600. In the last 24 hours, BTC has regained its lost momentum and started to soar again towards $ 40,000. Currently, movements are bullish and strongly approach a new high.



At the time of entry, the BTC price is $ 37,742.82. In the early morning there was a decent rise in the curve where the price went from $ 36,500 to $ 37,500. If Bitcoin catches a few more bullish candles and rallies more, it could hit $ 40,000 in the coming hours. However, failing to do so could increase to some extent and start declining from any point close to $ 37,000 or less.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 37,115
  • The support value is $ 36,639
  • The indicators point to a sell signal.

MATIC Price begins to move north

The price of the polygon was moving in a narrow range between $ 1.75 and $ 1.85 during a critical period when it suddenly fell from that channel. He lost the bulls and fell to $ 1.6 and above in a short time in the early hours yesterday. However, over time the trends reversed and the price began to gradually increase.


At the time of writing this article, the price of MATIC has been observed to rise to near $ 1,669. In the early hours, the price was at a similar level, near $ 1.6, with continued ups and downs. But currently, momentum has struggled for MATIC and the price is going up. In the coming hours, the price could climb to $ 1.8 or more. But there are also chances that the price will stumble and dive close to $ 1.5 and sail here.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 1.67
  • The support value is $ 1.61
  • Indicators are signaling a slight sell signal

SHIB price prepared for an increase

Shiba Inu price trends have fluctuated sharply with deep lows and highs over the past few days. But it still managed to sail above $ 0.000009. But unexpectedly, the price deviated from that mark and fell to $ 0.00000878, then plunged further. Currently, the movement is oriented towards an uptrend and is gradually seen to take off.


At the time of entry, the SHIB price is $ 0.00000899. In the early hours of the morning, the price started to increase by $ 0.00000850 accumulating the line with a few bulls. Sticking to the current move, Shiba Inu could gradually climb the curve in the next few hours to hit the $ 0.00001 mark. However, if momentum is lost, then the price may drop and see it travel within its previous range.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.00000880
  • Support value is $ 0.00000865
  • Indicators point to low selling pressure.

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