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While strobe lights are the most common on the dance floor, they can be invaluable in the artist’s studio as well. You can use these lamps, which produce regular pulses of light, to enhance photography, add flash effects to your installations, and even create sensory experiences. Just be aware of the potential for triggering migraines or, worse, seizures. Choosing the right strobe light can be overwhelming, as models can have an abundance of specs. Going forward, think about what we think are your top five options.

1. EcoStrobe Stage Strobe Light

Our top pick is easy to use, economical, and packed with features. Although this is a box measuring roughly 6.5 x 4 x 2 inches, it is powerful: the lighting surface includes nine dozen 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs that emit superb light in seven colors (including white, blue, red and purple). A button on the back lets you adjust the flash frequency, while another activates the sound detection feature, which adjusts the flashing to the beat of nearby music or other sound. You can also use the included remote control to adjust the settings of this flash, which responds flawlessly.

EcoStrobe Stage Strobe Light

$ 21.99

2. Roxant Pro Mini LED strobe light

This is a great strobe if you need basic pulsed white light for extended use. It can run for hours, but its metal construction stays cool to the touch. Like our top pick, it’s ultra-compact in design, fits anywhere, and travels anywhere with ease; it weighs less than 7 ounces. And a hinged handle means you can easily tilt it anywhere you want. It is, however, slightly weaker than the EcoStrobe, with only 24 LED bulbs; some artists might actually prefer this. The flash rate range is wide and easily controlled by a variable speed button on the back.

Roxant Pro Mini LED strobe light

$ 19.95

3. Litake Party Lights disco ball

If you’re looking for a strobe light that projects eye-catching designs, look no further than this model, which features a faceted dome like a disco ball. This produces kaleidoscopic light patterns in a variety of color combinations that flash at the speed you choose. Control all seven colors and flash speed with the included remote control. Sold in a pack of two, this economical option takes up little space, measuring 3.5 inches in diameter, but is capable of covering an impressive area. We love that you can place it flat on the floor to light up the ceiling and walls, or place it on its base, which doubles as a handle, and tilt it to your ideal position.

Litake Party Lights disco ball

$ 20.99

4. DMX strobe of ADJ products

This strobe light, which is approximately 19 inches long, is the most powerful option among our choices. It’s built with 800 watt lights that can be dimmed from 0 to 100%, and it can fill a large room entirely with bright white light. It can also sync to the beat of any song and you can change the speed by turning a control knob on the back of the device. Built like a tank, this model also features a front grille to protect the delicate components inside. Impressively, it only weighs around 5 pounds and comes with a handle for portability.

ADJ Products DMX Strobe

$ 179.99

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