Beaver Dam’s New Candle Shop Has Creative Flair | Regional news

The brand new location offers much more space for retail merchandise. Although Ehlenfeldt retired in 2012. Heimerl said she returned to help set up exhibitions with her longtime friend.

Earthshine has a reputation for selling high quality seasonal decorations. Heimerl said she now mixes antique and vintage finds for customers looking for unique items, as well as outdoor merchandise.

“We want people to come back with us because the inventory is going to keep changing,” she said.

Around 10 people are currently employed in the new store. Manual candle pouring is done in the rear part of the building, and an addition has been built to provide space for a shipping service. The addition is covered with barn planks to blend into the building.

Work is still in progress on the second floor, which houses the offices of Heimerl Corporation (roofing, gutters and construction) and Bright Ideas LLC (wholesale of gifts and decoration).

“We have a lot to do, I can say I have literally worked every day since March 18. We are ready for people to see what we have here,” she said.

A couple who stopped by Thursday to get a glimpse of the new space shared an interesting fact during a visit with salesperson Stephanie Addison, telling her that their last visit to the store was in 1970.

Elizabeth J. Harris