America’s biggest hard seltzer brand sues small business

If you are a lover of the planet and hard seltzer, this is the story you need to read. TMZ reported that the most purchased Seltzer brand in the country is going after a small business for a controversial reason.

Mark Anthony Brands International, the company that makes White Claw hard salts, has filed a lawsuit against a small online novelty retailer called Fun Club, LLC. California-based Fun Club sells toiletries and accessories such as kitchen accessories, balloons, and clothing.

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The Fun Club products that make the headlines, however, are its candles. The store’s selection of candles offers hilarious gift choices, with scents such as “Your House Smells Like Dog” and “Set the Damn Mood”. Until very recently, Fun Club also sold candles with wax that had been poured into cans of White Claw, a product that White Claw’s parent company describes as an act of trademark infringement.

The owners of White Claw, which is the best-selling hard seltzer in the United States with 50% market share, say their concern is consumer safety. TMZ says White Claw believes that “if a mislabelled, insufficiently insulated, or improperly made candle with their logo ends up burning someone or starting a fire… all of their hard-earned goodwill could be destroyed in an instant.

White Claw

TMZ also indicates that White Claw “asks the court to block the sale of the candles and to force the defendants to disburse the profits which they made with the White Claw brand”.

Fun Club, LLC owner Caitlin Minges, who says she founded her store in 2015, noted that she only learned of the lawsuit when TMZ reached out, and that she had already stopped selling the candles when White Claw first sent her a cease-and-desist letter.

In response, Minges commented TMZ:

“It’s unfortunate that White Claw doesn’t like recycling and is using its enormous resources as a massive enterprise to take on small, female-owned businesses that are trying to make something functional out of their waste.”

Mark Anthony Brands International did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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