‘A shiny new brand’ – one of Dublin’s favorite candle companies is growing

If we’ve learned anything in the past few years, however, the pandemi lovato has graced us with her presence, it’s that the comforts of home are essential.

The right scented candle can quickly transform an evening from good to great. The perfect blanket to wrap you up on on a Sunday morning on the couch can give you the strength you need to weather that red wine hangover. And after a good two years of watching Joanne McNally wave a repurposed Berocca tube in her bedroom, do we really need to convince anyone of the benefits of burning sage? It’s essential, girls.

If you’re still on a mission for Feng Shui in your space, you’re probably already familiar with D8 Candle Co. Their handcrafted 100% soy candles are made with scents inspired by growing up in Ireland, and sell out in minutes. minutes each time. there is a restocking.

If you’ve been a longtime fan, we have some exciting news. D8 Candle Co has branched out into the wider world of home design, rebranding as D8 Design Co with an all new line of products.

In a post on Insta, the D8 team wrote:

After a year of incredible support for D8 Candle Co, we are delighted to be able to share that we are now expanding our product line and growing! Along with this news comes shiny new branding for (drum roll please) the D8 Design Co.

The new range will include an expanded repertoire of textiles and homewares, including lambswool throws, flower pots and, best of all, D8’s signature candles are now customizable. So, if a special occasion is coming up for you or a loved one, you can indicate it with a personalized label. Gorgeous for birthdays or to celebrate a move to a new home!

You can browse all of D8 Design Co’s new dream stock HERE.

Roll on January payday.

Header image via Instagram/D8design.co

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Elizabeth J. Harris