A fan-owned candle shop lights up Woodstock, NY

The adventures in the Hudson Valley are endless. From hiking trails to historic sites and local restaurants to try, there is something for everyone.

This Hudson Valley town is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Woodstock is a town located in Ulster County, New York. Some call Woodstock an “oasis” and others like the charm that lingers on the streets. A few weekends ago I took a trip to Woodstock. When I arrived, I came across smiling faces, happy to be discovering the shops.

There was also a community drum circle in the center of town, bringing residents and out-of-town visitors together. The smell of incense and fresh air filled the streets. It was fun walking around Woodstock and exploring the local shops.

A family-run candle shop is proud to light up Woodstock, NY.

Candlestock in a family business that has been supplying the community with its handmade candles since the 1960s. The creators of this local store were on a trip to California at the time and found themselves in an ice storm.

This storm then directed them to Woodstock, NY where they created magic. During the 1970s, Candlestock then opened its shop to the public. It was a one-room store that had a permanently burning drip candle for those to see.

What makes Candlestock different from other companies?

There is a giant drip candle that sits in the center of the room onsite. It grew over time and is now known as the “Mountain of Candles”. It is 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

However, 50 years later, this small company is adding something new. Being the oldest business in the town of Woodstock, they pride themselves on satisfying their customers.

Candlestock adds a candle making workshop.

This studio will be at your disposal from the opening. Check their website or social media platforms to stay informed.

Have you ever been to Woodstock, NY? What was your favorite part about it? Share with us below.

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