8 Awesome Vancouver Candle Companies Worth Lighting Up

Looking to light up your home with a locally made candle? Here in Metro Vancouver, there are a number of contenders worth spotlighting.

With a number of brands that pride themselves on using quality ingredients, creating handmade products and supporting a number of good causes, here are eight Vancouver candle companies made right here in the city or in the surrounding communities.


Mala’s soy wax candles come in fun scents like Mimosa (tangerine, grapefruit, and currant), Garden Party (agave, chrysanthemum, and eucalyptus), and Strawberry Shortcake. They also plant a tree with every purchase made.

Back home

These elegant jar candles are made with all-natural soy wax, lead and zinc-free cotton wicks, and a blend of premium essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils. Plus, Homecoming candles are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and petroleum- and preservative-free. The Vancouver-made brand’s range features evocative scents with complex and often herbal or spice notes, such as amber + bitter orange, firewood + saffron, and black tea + pepper. . As an immediate incentive, Homecoming is donating 10% of its June 2020 sales to the Hogan’s Alley Society of Vancouver.

You + Me Candles

Made from apricot and coconut wax in their Vancouver studio, You + Me candles feature fragrance-grade fragrance oils and cotton wicks. Handcrafted from start to finish, all of their products are also cruelty-free and vegan. Founder Patty Abbott says she started the brand after working to remove toxins from her home and looking for a clean-burning candle. The fragrances in her range are inspired by memories, featuring “smells of childhood, travel and the natural scents of nature”. These scents include A Walk in the Woods (pine and balsam) and Mina (orange, berry, tangerine and smoky vanilla) which was inspired by breakfast cereals and an iconic local drag queen.

West End Wicks

Here is a candle company born in our time – the COVID-19 era. Launched in March 2020 and based in Vancouver – you guessed it – West End, this local newcomer to the candle game makes 100% soy wax candles, inspired by Vancouver birds, such as the heron, crow, hummingbird and titmouse. Their candle boxes are reusable and West End Wicks box returns/refills are accepted. $1 from every candle sold from the Birds of Vancouver collection will be donated to the Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia.

Hollow tree

We veer a bit away from Vancouver and up the Sea to Sky to Whistler for Hollow Tree, a candle company that has its own manifesto about the importance of honoring our trees. The brand says it wants to “share the love and magic of the Pacific West Coast’s impossible fairy tale forests with you.” Look for scents like The Lions from their Library of Trees collection, named after the mountains of the North Shore with alpine fir, balsam and cypress. Or there’s the whole Backpacker series, inspired by BC’s incredible outdoor adventure spots, like Shannon Falls or willowherb meadows.

Canvas Candle Co.

Canvas Candle Company was founded in 2016 in Port Moody. Their candles are made with 100% North American soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, as well as pure essential oils, natural cotton wicks, and reusable containers. Their “#vacay” candle will take you straight from a Vancouver Juneuary with its mix of pineapple, coconut and sweet basil. Or you can celebrate being exactly where we are with “Best Coast” and its blend of evergreens, cedarwood and vetiver.

BC Candles

Based in Richmond, BC Candles specializes in beeswax candles. Launched earlier this year, it’s a candle company that focuses on their product and their cause, and how deeply connected they are. Their round beeswax candles are made in Vancouver and are all about the design and ingredients – not a scent. Here’s how they explain their mission: “BC Candles is proud to support Pollinator Partnership Canada (P2C). Together with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC), they are dedicated to protecting and promoting the health pollinators through conservation, education and research. Our continued support goes to providing newly restored pollinator habitat.”

The 6th Scented Candle

Langley-based 6th Scent is the side project of a local early childhood education specialist, who says “having a candle in my room brings out the best in the environment and inspires me to be a better teacher”. Its soy wax candles come in tins and jars, in scents like apple and cinnamon, coffee bean, and a few inspired by another great BC product: wine!

PRIME: Want to make your own candles? Support the locals and buy from Wicks and Wax, a company with roots dating back to 1959 in the beeswax business. They stock 25 types of paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, soy waxes and other palm oil products. They also sell wicks, molds, and scents to get you started. Many of the local small businesses above also offer candle making kits to help you get started. Light this up!

Elizabeth J. Harris