5 Pakistani candle companies that offer a wide variety of unique scents

Candles work wonders for a wide variety of uses. Whether it’s uplifting your space with mood-enhancing scents or serving as a decoration to brighten up your homes, they also make great gifts. Whatever the goal, it is great that several international and local candle brands have emerged, offering a diverse range of options and scents to choose from.

From coastal candles reminiscent of beach breezes to floral scented candles that smell of botanical gardens, there is a perfect candle for every mood and season. There are an unlimited number of options available, however, if you’re looking for local labels with the spirit of supporting local brands, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top favorite Pakistani candle companies that offer fruity, musky, crisp, romantic, subtle, rich scents and everything in between:

The Karachi Candle Company

The Karachi Candle Company is Pakistan’s premier soy wax scented candle company. Founded by childhood best friends Sana Sajun and Neha Mashooqullah in 2015, the brand has grown from a small start-up to a multinational over the years.

Karachi Candle Company has a variety of wonderfully scented candles, which makes it so difficult to choose one! From Motia Noir, a jasmine-based homage to Karachi to their most daring scent to date, Oudh Ul Laila and ideal blends of sweet, spicy and festive favorites, there is something for everyone.

Essential body care

Body Care Essential’s is a passionate project that aimed to turn simple self-esteem products into healthy experiences.

Their soy wax scented candles are made in small batches with great care to preserve the richness of each blend. Each candle is designed to appeal to the senses and transform your environment with its aroma.

Whether you are a fan of floral, musky, earthy scents or just pure bliss, they have it all.

Darling i came home

As the name suggests, if you want a scent that looks like it was made especially for you, try Honey I’m Home candles. When your waxy bundle of joy arrives, grab your favorite fluffy blanket, the remote, flip one on, and give yourself some time for me.

Every signature blend the brand has created for its scent entourage is tailor-made, frantically remade until a crisp note of perfection is achieved. The range is a feast for your senses.

Their premium collection of 100% hand-poured bee-soy candles is offered in fragrances – Autobiography, Doubleshot On Ice, Ink & Poetry, Letters to Rose and The Holiday.

Musk by Mushk

Mushk Kaleem has been running the Pakistani modeling industry for some time. She has now ventured into business with a line of scented candles.

The entrepreneur recently presented Musk by Mushk. Potential buyers have the option of choosing from the following scents: wild mulberry, vanilla coffee, lavender, jasmine, citrus, wood fire and cherry blossom.


Using an olfactory inspiration drawn from nature itself, each Colish fragrance is uniquely designed to transform a daily routine into a sensory experience.

Contemporary blends that create extraordinary scents; you are bound to fall in love with each scent as you explore. Simply burn one of the soothing scented candles and experience an ambiance like never before.

As Ramazan draws near to us, you can also gift your loved ones with these irresistible scents to make this holy month much more peaceful and insightful. Which one is your favorite?

Elizabeth J. Harris