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IDK about you, but I live for candles. My collection of delicious smelling paper lanterns keeps growing, and whenever I need a pick-me-up, I know I’m always a match away from pure Zen. I just say: you can never have too much candles (they’re like IMO cushions), which is exactly why I’ve put together a list of 30 black owned candle companies that you must welcome into your home.

We all have certain ~ vibes ~ that we expect from a candle. Sometimes we crave something fruity, or we want to ignite a little warmer and spicier scent.. Whatever you feel I know a brand it will make you want you to searchand they are all listed, below. Here some of our favorite black owned candle companies you need to invest your money in, STAT.

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a sugar

Cloud Dream Candle

If you like sweet and fruity scents, you’ll love this one which has hints of lychee, raspberry, vanilla bean and more.


a summer atmosphere

Bohemian nights

“This candle is what dreams are made of,” said one enthusiastic reviewer. Honestly, if that bold phrase isn’t enough for you to copy this gorgeous scent of orange, patchouli, and cardamom beauty then IDK what is.


a soothing

Soy candle with green tea and lemongrass

Here, no harmful chemicals or additives! This soy wax candle burns cleaner than paraffin. In addition, it has a lead-free cotton wick.


one for those cooler days and nights

Daring awakening

Are you looking for a must-have fall candle? Bold Awakening from Candlessentials is the winner. It is composed of scents of crunchy green apple, tangy red currant and lemon orange that will make the atmosphere of your home super warm and comfortable.


one that looks like an expensive home decor

Giant Hot Vanilla Sugar Candle

You literally won’t do it must buy a candle for another year when you invest in this giant vanilla gold coin. (And its bathtub makes for a fun decorative piece!)

Now you can have this rose garden experience without having to walk in a rose garden.


a power

Love yourself

Perfect to display on your vanity or at your bedside table, this “Love Thy Self” candle will be a constant motivation and it will fill your throat room with jasmine and aromas of tonka bean.


a crystal infused

Free spirit

Not only does this cinnamon apple scented candle smell incredible, you can also use it to refocus your energy, thanks to the beautiful sunstone crystals embedded in the wax. According to the description, the sun stone encourages personal power, freedom and joy. (And we love the sound of that!)


this one who gives back

It feels like time to change

This candle does more than smell good (and man, it smells good). TerraMaterStudio is donating 50 percent of all proceeds from this candle to the Equal Justice initiative – and it’s definitely a purchase you can feel good about.


a rich smell

Hustle Harder Premium Soy Candle

Never encountered a candle that matched my energy until now. Hello to my new work buddy, Hustle Harder, who smells refreshing but powerful.


A rechargeable

Nero Marquina Black Marble Scented Candle

This black onyx vessel will be difficult to separate once it is finished burning. And you don’t have to, thanks to the rechargeable design.


A silhouette

Bré Body Candle

Beyond the interior

You must be lucky to find these artistic beeswax candles in stock. Fans are constantly buying them outside, but they’re definitely worth the wait.


A brilliant

Cognac leather candle

Gold accents instantly add a touch of glamor to any room. So make sure this tobacco scented beauty is seated in the middle of your coffee table.


A unique piece

Handcrafted heirloom candle

This gorgeous piece of art is for people who need something pretty to add to an empty shelf.


A handmade

Vanilla and amber soy candle

The pewter lid of this jar gives me mason jar vibes. What’s even better: It’s handmade in Brooklyn, so every order is unique.


A luxury

Luxury candle “Savoie”

I’m going to go ahead and apologize right away because you’re going to want to buy all the perfumes from Harlem Candle Co .. Start with this one that takes inspiration from Harlem’s glamorous Savoy Ballroom.


An open air

An open candle

If winter makes you want to be back at the beach, don’t pout, as the sea salt notes in this candle will bring the scent into your room.


A candle with a reading list

Premium soy candles inspired by music

Calling all music lovers! This company combines candles and melodies. Each candle purchase comes with a personalized QR code that gives you access to an organized reading list. The song totally vibrates with the aesthetic of the candle. Turn them on and get your groove on!


A gold speckled

Melanin goddess

A candle designed for a queen? Say no more. This heavenly candle has found a way to bottle it and deliver it to you with a wooden wick that crackles like a fireplace. Plus, it’s topped with gold glitter … ooh la la!



Magnolia flower

Is Social Distancing Destroying Your Travel Plans? If you answered “yes” why not * try * pretending you’re in the City of Lights with this France inspired candle that will fill your home with romantic flowers.


This one with good vibes

Palo Santo Patchouli candle

If you’re a fan of warm, woody scents, make yourself comfortable in this scent perfect for yoga, meditation, and any cooking show on Netflix, IMO.


A symbolic

Casablanca candle

Zoom into this chic candle and you’ll see contact details that match the city-themed scents. I promise you that the one in Casablanca will transform your home into a summer atmosphere.


A non-floral

Teak and mahogany soy candle

This candle will suit anyone who hates flowers and smelly stuff. This one has mahogany notes, and a warm, woody palette.


A magical

Self-love ritual candle

I vibrate with everything that promotes self-love. AND you say it’s magic? Oooh … count on me. Light this candle for a little witchcraft fun!



Candles of inner strength

We all have shitty days. Light this candle to remind yourself that you are a ball player. Choose from three sayings.


A dessert

Cinnamon Chai Dessert Candle

Calling all sugar loving friends! (1) How cute is this candle? And, (2) I promise you it will bring you back to your childhood memories. IDK if I want to eat it or turn it on …


A wine

Lost in the sangria

No, you can never have too much wine! Even if that means your candle is scented with sangria …


A fresh

Cooler than a motherfucker

Reviewers compare this scent upon waking up to a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday morning. And guaranteed, with every light, you’ll be cooler than a motherfucker.



BLM Be The Change soy candle

This amazing BLM soy candle comes in five scents: Coconut Bamboo, Chilli & Mandarin, Spicy Honey, Unscented, and my favorite, Dark Amber & Plum.


A vibrant

B! Tch Don’t Kill My Vibe

A positive energy candle that combines good vibes, aromatherapy and a whole personality.

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