19 Dallas candle companies share their best-selling scents

Calyan Wax Co. has a simple goal: to bring light to a dark world. The company works with nonprofits that empower survivors of human trafficking and has donated over $ 54,700 to date. Calyan’s most popular scent is Oakmoss + Amber. “It’s cool and earthy, like a walk in the garden on a cool summer afternoon,” the company explains. “It smells wonderfully of sage, moss, rose and orange zest.”

CEL SAL’s eco-friendly candles are made with all-natural coconut wax and scent oils infused with essential oils and phthalate-free. CEL SAL fragrances are formulated to be unisex; most customers flock to Jasmine + Black Amber. “It’s a creamy, woody, complex and androgynous scent with hints of sensual black amber, sparkling mandarin and exotic wood,” explains CEL SAL.

Decor the Day describes Cotton Blossom, their most popular scent, as “a blend of fresh floral blossoms with a subtle touch of vanilla, musk and cotton”. In addition to their pre-cast candles, Decor the Day offers customizable soy wax candles for birthdays and special events.

Gluttony candles are handcrafted by skilled chef Bryce Murphree. Murphree develops each scent of culinary inspiration, which ranges from gourmet to fresh. Each candle is packaged in a recycled soup can. Their bestseller is Wild Arugula, which his wife Maggie describes as a clean, simple and fresh scent. “It reminds me of the fresh cut grass and summers in Ireland and of my dad,” she says. “He was a lover of his garden and the outdoors. When i turn it on candle, it brings me back. I love that perfumes can transport us to a memory that may have been forgotten.

When Miesha Johnson, 26, moved to Dallas, she wanted to define her new home with sophisticated decor. After struggling to find candles that matched her aesthetic, she decided to develop Gold Soul Candle Co. Matte black patterns are chic enough to be displayed full time on a coffee table or shelf. Johnson’s most popular scent is Bae. “This scent is based on men’s cologne with hints of spicy berry, citrus, lavender and a middle note of amber,” says Johnson. “He’s a crowd favorite.”

Phillip and Victoria Hamilton, founders of Gratus Candles, develop their products with safety in mind. The couple chose soy wax because it burns cleaner than paraffin wax candles and lasts 30-50% longer. Gratus candles are also free from toxins, carcinogens and soot. “Our signature scent, Atmosphere Relief, provides notes of eucalyptus, peppermint, with hints of cedarwood and lavender,” say the founders. “The scent comes alive and brings a refreshing, inviting and luxurious scent to any space.”

Haus of Saj uses recycled containers, like Topo Chico bottles, to create its eco-responsible Reiki-infused candles. Although some are soy-based and some are coconut-based, all of Haus of Saj’s wax mixes are vegan. The most popular scent, Soulful Butterfly, is a sweet floral with a hint of spice. It’s lemony, the company says, with medium notes of rose, jasmine, wood, musk, earth, amber and cotton candy.

Henry’s Daughter collects bottles of wine from local restaurants like Pizzeria Testa, then cuts and sands them into pretty containers for their hand-poured candles. Grapefruit Mint, one of the company’s best-selling scents, is a fresh blend of grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, lavender and rose made from peppermint. Another, Fig & Musk, is an earthy and luminous blend of fig and jasmine resting on notes of musk and wood.

Founder Jenna Moayedi describes Indigo Aura Self-Care as “a series made with good energy and non-toxic ingredients”. The most popular scent is Dallas Babe, which has hints of vanilla, musk, and jasmine. “It’s luxurious, warm and comfortable with a tangy floral finish,” says Moayedi.

While Kuma’s Candles is best known for its candles, the company also produces melted waxes and bath salts. You’ll find eclectic scents like Library, which has hints of leather and teakwood, as well as pop culture-inspired scents like a heartwarming amaretto blend based on Taylor Swift’s new album. folklore. Sangria, a fragrance created in collaboration with Austin Eastciders, is the most popular. It is rich and fruity, with a base of fresh strawberries and juicy notes of lime and peach.

In addition to its soy candles infused with essential oils, MAD Candle Co. offers DIY candle kits and courses via Zoom for astute customers. (Next class is August 20; get your ticket here.) Mahogany teak wood, which has notes of precious wood mixed with light scents of lavender and geranium, is the most popular blend of scents.

When COVID-19 hit Dallas, Ebby Simmons was inspired to finally fulfill her life’s dream and start her own candle business. “The idea is to create positive moods with the help of candles and to help spread light and love in the homes of our clients,” she says. Her most popular scent to date is Cuddly, a blend of lily of the valley and violet with notes of balsamic, lavender, gardenia and amber. It’s reminiscent of the scent of fresh laundry, she said.

Tierra Gerdine launched MilanMonet Luxe Co. in 2019 “to help women and men make personal care an integral part of their daily routine in the midst of the daily routine,” she says. Her daughter, Chloé, is also an aspiring entrepreneur; her colorful, handmade bracelets are available in MilanMonet Luxe Co’s online store. The company’s most popular scent is Champagne Wishes No. 29. “The smell makes you want to celebrate, let the candle be lit or off, ”explains Gerdine. “It’s very sweet; there are notes of strawberries, champagne and chardonnay.

Jackson Vaughn’s whimsical and apothecary display cases at Bishop Arts and Preston Center are among D Homepagefavorite gift shops from. Founders and interior designers Pamela Jackson and Jeremi V. Headrick stock their shops with handmade candles, vintage items and other home finds. The company’s best-selling fragrances are Dallas (from the store’s Texas collection) and No. 2 (from its exclusive collection). Dallas has notes of native fig, tanned leather, and double-wood bourbon, while No. 2 is a sweetheart scent with cocoa beans, white flowers, and sultry patchouli.

Ashley Augurson, a single mother of two, developed Soy Devine to show her daughters the importance of creating their own career opportunities. The best-selling fragrance from his candle company is Very Vanilla. “Let’s just say it’s vanilla on steroids,” she says.

Old Flame Candle Co.’s unique design is both chic and eco-friendly. The company selects its vintage containers by hand, so that no two candles are the same. Once the wax is used up, you can mail the container back to be filled with a new scent, or you can wipe down the container to reuse it as an interior decoration. The most popular scent is Woodsy Fig, a sweet, ripe fig scent with subtle floral tones and an earthy base of amber and cedarwood.

“OLPHACTORY CANDLES is my daily dedication to jazz, art, fragrance and style, where each distinctive candle creation is a sensory experience,” said founder Brant Anderson. “Although HERITAGE is our signature scent, each candle in the collection records equally compelling grooves with every top, middle and base note. Our scents are an ode to jazz, through wax.

While this Lakewood storefront is one of Dallas’ most popular destinations for handmade soaps and bath products, the company’s candles shouldn’t be used for sleeping. Red currant is the most popular candle scent. “It’s a fresh, crunchy and clean blend of fresh currants with floral and fruity undertones,” said founder Keith Bailey.

Zyn Candle Co. donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations related to racial and social justice, including For Oak Cliff, The Black Woman’s Health Imperative, and The Innocence Project. Customers tend to choose the Tennessee Rain candle, which has a classic aroma with a touch of luxury. “The aroma is warm and slightly sweet, with a hint of spice, sea salt, vanilla, musk, amber and cloves,” says founder Zyah Reeves.

Elizabeth J. Harris